How to distinguish between red, red clay, Dahongpao incubus

How to distinguish between the red mud and red mud, Zhu Dahongpao is one of the main purple clay mud. A mineral material called a soft mud of Yixing clay, is a kind of clay rock close to the surface, distributed around Yixing dingshuzhen mountain. Soft mud bed bottom, there is a strong qualitative ore mining must be hard to dig the. Ancient literature says it is "not going to touch the stone bone, Tao Zhi is changing vermilion" (Ming Zhou Gaoqi "Yang Xianming pot" system). This is the red mud ore mine. The mineral composition is kaolinite, iron oxide, quartz and muscovite. Different amount of red mud due to iron ore, after firing the color or light yellow or yellow red, slightly red, red or purplish, with cinnabar, Zhu Shazi or crabapple red color, Zhu Hongzhong reveals a orange, bright color and not demon. Color rendering and firing temperature are closely related, the longer the more stable atmosphere. Red but not brilliant, red is soft, red color features. The red color is too bright, most of the pug added iron powder. Kiln temperature insufficient, red mud is yellow orange color, not clear. Kiln temperature is slightly higher, shrinkage, deformation, collapse, iron melting easier to produce. Temperature in the kiln burning full, bright, slightly see orange red. The red mud can be divided into Zhu mud, red mud, Dahongpao mud, the difference is the difference made in different weathering degree, and refining the raw ore. The golden yellow or yellow green red mud, the mud containing iron oxide volume than other high, at 14%-18%. Because of the low content of silt and clay, the forming process is difficult. From the green to sintering shrinkage rate as high as 30%-40%, the support degree of difference, the general rate of finished products is only about 7 into. It is often used for making small pieces of artifacts and as a cosmetic clay as a blank surface decorated with purple mud. Works: "blessing in the eyes", "Zhu mud" pot what are the main characteristics? 1, high degree of crystallinity. The section close to the ceramic mud, the kettle cover from the hukou, heard the clang strong acid metal sound, with crisp sound, fingerstyle buckle, sound resonance. 2, mud color as orange. Pug was burned before the orange, after firing red with orange, with hot water shower Zhu clay pot, li-zhan delicate bright red, violet is dense in wandering. 3, low sand content. Like the green clay, after firing almost invisible particles. 4, high shrinkage. Difficult molding, shrinkage rate is more than 30%, easy deformation in the process, the rate is only about 7 into the green firing, more sketches from ancient times. 5, high iron content. The firing temperature is slightly higher, will precipitate iron fire defects. Red mud low tension, contraction ratio three times almost purple mud system, making mud is not easy to grasp, the ancient red color for add gloss, as one of the best in the legend of the most mysterious of red clay. When firing to section Dahongpao wrinkle, cracking, collapse, variant, kiln temperature light or partial Huang Yi reduction, deformation, low rate of finished products. Dahongpao after firing dense, tight and fine texture, a solid, heavy red mud is gorgeous, Acura, unparalleled; clay containing little ore particles, hot water shower after a great color, red with purple pot, easy now "patina" of the United states. The kiln temperature of about 1080 degrees, the contraction ratio of about 30%.相关的主题文章: