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Gauze in pregnant women belly? The families of suspected blackmail hospital – Sohu Shandong television news live help program recently reported that Shandong Weifang maternal and child health hospital has been blasting the gauze legacy during pregnancy, and maternal depression caused by abdominal pain, and other symptoms, incident upon exposure caused a great disturbance. But according to micro-blog called @ a somewhat ideal reporter in October 31st wrote that intrauterine packing gauze is normal practice, mothers and their families to know clearly the gauze in the body, but repeatedly make hospital and petition, may be to fraud. But until this afternoon, live help program group that his report objectively and impartially, issued a statement that @ a bit of ideal reporter provoke conflicts between doctors and patients, said has commissioned a lawyer to collect evidence. Living in Shandong TV show, Xu said he in the production of maternal maternal and Child Health Hospital of Weifang after the unbearable pain, do not know the reason. The husband also said a tearful wife several times to jump. In this case, the two husband and wife to another third grade hospital B ultrasound examination found that there was a foreign body in the womb. Subsequently, the two couples went to beg for maternal and Child Health Hospital of Weifang, but the hospital always not to Xu a see examination results, go to the hospital, office of the dean’s office is a variety of difficulties. After the scandal caused a great disturbance. The masses have accused the hospital, doctors do not. However, according to @ a little bit of an ideal reporter exposure, said the day of production from August 28th, women and their families have been clear that there are gauze in the womb, the reason is to save the mother must be. In September 5th, the maternal sister-in-law suddenly raised to the hospital compensation 300 thousand, and slipped quietly into the doctor’s office on the same day at noon, the course record on a clear understanding of the signature to erase the residual gauze. Since then, it is a continuous toss hospital and petition. For Komiya Chirusabu, obstetrics and Gynecology experts and the hospital side explained that the uterus is a common practice to fill the gauze industry, in order to suppress uterine bleeding. The hospital said, leaving gauze has been to the patient and family members to explain the situation, and patients and their families understand and sign. Bloggers questioned said: in fact is very clear, the family deliberately conceal the fact that several times in the hospital at the office area, forged smear records signed for reporters to invent a distortion of the facts, this behavior is exactly for what? Justice or money? According to @ a bit of ideal afternoon news reporter said, with another of the same maternal maternal ward in the circle of friends, the woman honest, no symptoms of depression, but the maternal sister-in-law has taught her to lie. The blogger and the sister-in-law after phone verification, found the logical confusion and deny altered handwriting. A little bit of an ideal reporter also said that the hospital side said, Shandong TV station has been entrusted to the middle of the euphemism to apologize to them, the families of patients to flicker. However, the life of the show group obviously does not accept this argument. This afternoon, the micro signal Shandong TV life channel released a live help program group statement, said the network people took the opportunity to incite the doctor-patient antagonism, to provoke an incident is not conducive to both doctors and patients to solve the problem in the direction of development. @ a little bit of an ideal reporter micro-blog screenshot.相关的主题文章: