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Ferrari 488 Spider is changed to 772 horsepower, this appearance is the Sohu cars not only at the beginning of the August 2015 California T N Largo, and launched 488 GTB 772 HP conversion kit two heavyweight Ferrari in June 2016 conversion kit, Germany Novitec group membership, specially Ferrari car modified Novitec Rosso, also launched a 488 Spider conversion kit in the day before, and will increase to 772 horsepower terrible horse level! Under the German Novitec group, Ferrari car specially modified Novitec Rosso, the day before the launch of the retrofit kit 488 Spider, will be increased to 772 horsepower terrible horse level! With the same power 488 GTB lifting way, without any modification of the internal parts of engines, Novitec Rosso for the 3.9 liter V8 twin turbocharged gasoline engine (actual exhaust 3902c.c.), put on a N-TRONIC computer module and enhanced version of the exhaust system, not only for its maximum horsepower by 670 horsepower, in one fell swoop to exaggerate 772 horsepower, maximum torque from N.m to 892N.m explosion. Novitec Rosso was developed for 488 Spider wind tunnel experiment of a full set of carbon fiber aerodynamic package, in order to enhance the power of the corresponding. Collocation 7 speed F1 dual clutch gearbox, not only accelerated from rest to 100 kilometers per hour decreased from 3 seconds to 2.8 seconds, top speed increased to 342 km from km, has been completely over F12berlinetta (0~100km h takes 3.1 seconds, top speed 340 km), played a total conversion potential of turbo engine! Novitec Rosso 488 Spider 3.9 liter V8 twin turbo turbocharged petrol engine, 772 horsepower to exaggerated, accelerating from a standstill to 100 kilometers per hour shortened to 2.8 seconds, the speed increased to 342 km. Appearance, Novitec Rosso is developed for it after a full set of air mechanics kit, wind tunnel experiments include: carbon fiber front and rear bumper spoiler, side skirts, carbon fiber carbon fiber engine inlet grille, and carbon fiber chassis and duck tail shunt, corresponding to the increase of power, and does not like 488 GTB modified Aero as with large fixed wing, keep a cabriolet elegant. Novitec Rosso and there is no fixed tail at 488 Spider, retained a cabriolet elegant. As part of the chassis, Novitec Rosso is 488 Spider R21, the former Collocation: 25530: 25 R21 or 25R22 P-Zero Novitec Rosso Pirelli tire and all kinds of N相关的主题文章: