FAW – Volkswagen Wei collar listing price of 12.59-16.29 million (video) jessica rabbit

FAW – Volkswagen Wei led the listed price of 12.59-16.29 million yuan in November 3, 2016, FAW – Volkswagen PQ34 platform is the first crossover suv based on the C-TREK show in Lijiang officially listed under the snow mountain, the new car is powered 1.6L and 1.4TSI engine 7 models, priced at 12.59-16.29 yuan. Wei led the model name and public import car travel Wei Lan composed of family name, as the FAW – Volkswagen launched the first A-class crossover wagon, with a large space, a leading multi function and good through the advantages, can meet the friends and family travel demand. FAW – Volkswagen Wei led the official guide price models the official guide price (yuan) before the grid aspect 1.6L manual comfort model 12.591.6L automatic comfort 13.79 1.6L manual luxury 13.991.6L automatic luxury 15.19230TSI manual comfort 13.49230TSI DSG comfortable type 14.89230TSI DSG Deluxe 16.29 front full, three pieces of matte chrome plated inside collocation "armor" lines, and the hollow handle, a texture. The front of the polygon and the front grille connected, the internal " double U type " structure to enhance its identification, after the visual effect is good. At the bottom of the grille with black mesh design, and then with the silver under the shield, so that it is more cross-border style. Bumper fog lights on both sides, peripheral and high gloss black trim and chrome trim, looks more delicate. The body side waist highly impact, the front headlights through the edge of the taillights. Roof also joined the luggage rack, fully meet the travel needs. At the same time, 132mm minimum ground clearance, so that the collar has a high pass. The two color rear view mirror integrates the steering light, with electric adjustment and electric folding function. Five pairs of wheels with the top of the black wheel eyebrow, greatly increasing the side of the sense of movement. Tire brand for HANKOOK, size 20550 R17. The rear license plate frame type V line and Bora region (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) is very similar across the rear lines and taillights together, good stretch the rear of the visual width. Broken line LED taillights, very good to improve the identification of the tail. Rear bumper on the double tail pipe design, in fact, just a decoration. In fact, the left side of the set of double exhaust exhaust. Dimensions, the public Wei collar length and width were 4559*1793*1487mm, wheelbase 2614mm. And the same level of the main rival SAIC Volkswagen habitat (with reference, pictures, inquiry), or to a lot of big. 2614mm wheelbase brings back very good use of space, but the middle high platform, let the passengers in the middle can not get a comfortable ride. The trunk volume standard is 589L, the rear seat down after a further increase to 1507L, carrying space not only far more than the hatchback and three car, even beyond the number of MPV models. The car into a thick mass of wind blowing, the center console layout is a continuation of the popular family.相关的主题文章: