East China Sea wealth appears difficult to honor the chairman never want to run ca1806

The East China Sea wealth payment difficulties arise "chairman would never run away" in August 24th, was known as the history of the most stringent regulatory documents of the "P2P network credit information agency issued" Interim Measures for the administration of business activities. Although the measures to avoid a greater impact on the industry, made arrangements for the transitional period of 12 months, but the introduction of the document less than 1 months, net loan platform is accelerating momentum to leave. Since the end of August, Zhejiang car loan, loan Guangzhou P2P net loan platform has been closed down, and the industry is expected in the next one or two years, many platforms will choose to leave. Recently, many stores in the country has a line of financial wealth (Beijing) Company East Asia Asset Management Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as the East China Sea has been blasting the closure of a large number of wealth), the line of stores, into a payment crisis in a city. In this regard, the East China Sea wealth chairman Qian Donghai recently to the "daily economic news" reporter confirmed that from the beginning of the second half of last year, the company is more and more difficult, because the risk control grasp is not very good, resulting in a lot of books in the short term is difficult to recover. And then a lot of P2P platform exposed problems, many investors have flocked to require payment of principal and interest, resulting in the company suddenly fell off the cliff". East China headquarters was home for money, even to the constant news, a city in Jiangsu Province, Jiangyin, Changzhou, Zhenjiang and other East wealth stores currently either closed or has been removed. In this regard, the daily economic news reporter went to the field to understand the situation, in September 7th, reporters were at 10 in the morning and at about 3 in the afternoon, the East China Sea, the two came to the headquarters of the East China Sea Jinling Yangzhou Hotel room. 10 morning, this should be the normal working hours, but the East China Sea East China wealth headquarters but the office door locked, through the window you can see, the office was empty, part of the host computer desk has been demolished, a mess. Several investors squatting in the office door 2601. The old man has Cao and Chen told reporters that the two people in the Yangzhou shop here a total investment of more than 100 yuan, is supposed to be due in July but has no payment, so to the East China Sea East China headquarters wealth amount due to the dunning, "several times are not met, is not easy to find that several of the company’s staff, the other but the leadership is not in, do not". 3 in the afternoon, the "daily economic news" reporter came to the East China Sea wealth East headquarters again, this morning closed the door has been opened, the huge office only two staff. For the reporter’s visit, they looked a little surprised and mistaken and investors come to beg money, said the company in charge of several people in the field of AR, temporarily unable to payment of principal and interest, what things can only convey. Reporters that the identity and purpose, a staff of two reporters left a name card in identity verification, said the report to manager, there will be further contact with reporters. For the company’s current cash crisis and the relevant circumstances, the staff said inconvenience multi word. In addition, the reporter found that the official website of the East China Sea wealth has not been updated in the past six months, and repeatedly call the East China Sea wealth official 400 customer service hotline.相关的主题文章: