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Dried meat floss cake to eat? Sohu eat and drink a lot of people do not like to eat breakfast with the small bar, so the family will be prepared for a wide variety of snacks ah bread ah, hungry will have something to eat. Once a time, small crazy indulge in dried meat floss roll cakes, salty and sweet, can eat two without greasy, so today we learn it together! Raw material: 50g butter, milk 65g, sugar 65g, low gluten flour 65g, 5 egg salad sauce; amount of dried meat floss amount, mixed herbs optional; dried meat floss cake volume approach 1, 10g milk butter and vanilla (optional), together with milk cooker heating; 2, to the liquid state, and 3, one-time bubble edge slightly; pour all the flour, stir fry quickly; 4, successive addition broken egg liquid, each stir; 5, with the rest of the warm milk; 6, mix well after the egg yolk paste; 7, 5 egg white, add all the sugar, began to send 8, to nine points; state; 9, take 1/3, and 10, and then mix the egg yolk; protein paste evenly mixed; 11, this is a mixture of the following state; 1 2, poured into the mold, scraping the flat surface, the oven 170 degrees up and down the middle fire for 18 minutes, take out to cool; 13, tore off the paper, cutting edge neat; 14, in the back of the coated amount of salad dressing; 15, sprinkle with dried meat floss; 16, roll up, put in the refrigerator to the mall setting the eleven big promotion, multiple gifts waiting for you to get more information about WeChat ~, welcome the public number: the photography.相关的主题文章: