Do not forget the beginning of the heart – painting and calligraphy masters Exhibition in the Museum

Forget the beginning of the heart — the works of painting and calligraphy exhibition "in Art Museum of calligraphy and painting — such as round development — in Teachers’ day, especially as organized by the Museum of fine arts circle not forget the early heart — works of painting and calligraphy exhibition held in Beijing in September 10th, to the respect of the calligraphy and painting teacher in order to express, and as their first exhibition opening. In order to make ordinary people nearer to Chinese in contemporary painting and calligraphy works, such as round the museum will "play, morality, caring, distinctive, taste, popular, spread Chinese culture education base" as a museum dedicated to Art Museum, do the people of cultural and art exchange the platform. Therefore, if the spirit of circular gallery with general secretary Xi Jinping at the Forum on the speech as a guide, artists should not forget the early heart, take more social responsibility in the Chinese inheritance of traditional culture, to create more excellent works to lead the people infected people, inspire people. The morning of September 6th, the former vice chairman of CPPCC Li Jinhua to visit the Museum of circular, such as circular Gallery respecting the purpose of public service, and fully affirmed, and write "don’t forget the heart — the works of painting and calligraphy exhibition" Calligraphy Exhibition for the title. The exhibition exhibition opened the first exhibition, almost famous contemporary calligraphy and painting industry leaders Xu Beihong, Qi Baishi, Li Keran, Fu Baoshi, Lu Yan, Li Kuchan, Wu Zuoren, Ye Qianyu, Tang Yun, Chen Dayu, Liu Jiyou, Bai Xueshi, Zhao Puchu, Qi Gong, Liu Bingsen, Feng Qiyong, and the older generation of artists masterpieces, and invited the active in a leading figure in contemporary calligraphy and painting and an outstanding representative of Huang Yongyu, Fan Ceng, Liu Yi, Liu Dawei, Su Shishu, Ceng Laide, Jiang Zhixin, Chengdali, Wang Kuohai, Luo Meifu, Li Jianchun, Chen Shibin, Zhang Li’s latest masterpiece. Enjoy the exhibits exhibits appreciate   (commissioning editor: Dong Zilong, Lu Jing)相关的主题文章: