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Don’t stare at the crown was 4 Japanese medium SUV recommended – car Sohu filed Japanese SUV, the most hot nature is just listed on the Honda crown, many of my friends are in but would not be eager for a fight, the first to eat crab, the Japanese SUV. SUV models in the Chinese market is tasted the sweetness, from less than one hundred thousand of the compact SUV, up to 1 million luxury SUV, have been recognized by consumers. G brother believes that with the improvement of living standards, and SUV will be the future of the hottest SUV level, as compared to the compact class SUV, and SUV in performance, comfort, space, configuration or face, are much better than the compact SUV, for a large luxury SUV, the price will be cheaper furthermore, many consumers consumption level rise short time is not so high. While taking advantage of the crown road listed on the occasion, G elder brother to recommend a wave of mid sized SUV bar. Guangzhou TOYOTA Highlander Highlander SUV – when it comes to medium, is absolutely impossible to cross a car. Its power and space in this level is the performance of the benchmark level. Vehicle configuration and spatial layout, are reflected in the practical supremacy of the doctrine, in which consumers gained a good reputation. Power, there are two choices, namely 2.0T turbocharged engine, maximum power 162kW, peak torque of 350N· m and 3.5L naturally aspirated V6 engine, maximum power 201kW, peak torque of 337N· m, with matching is a 6 speed tiptronic transmission. And there are 7 models and optional four-wheel drive. Dongfeng Nissan – Kroraina, although sales in Kroraina is very bleak, but not a good car is not sold". In body size, length and width of the Kroraina high respectively 4897*1908*1691mm, wheelbase 2830mm, even has a proud Highlander in size, body length and wheelbase are inferior to Kroraina. But Kroraina did not launch 7 models, G brother think but this is an advantage, "bully" size and 5 seat layout, its comfort is naturally there will be a great advantage, the new crown road is the road, also let Kroraina have a more coordinated proportion of the body and beautiful appearance. Introduction of the Kroraina using a 2.5 liter naturally aspirated engine + simulation of the combination of 7 block CVT transmission, its ride naturally no doubt. There are also 2.5T and hybrid models available. Someone actually told G that the biggest advantage of Kroraina is that the car does not need to wait. Do not know if the "black"… Subaru – Subaru outback may give many consumers a "niche" feeling, he did not have a "quick" car. At the same level in terms of his sense of luxury interior not touch at all, in the control of a large area of hard plastic, the appearance is not cool". But his boxer engine and AWD brings a sense of control, the other is S.相关的主题文章: