Chinese women’s self driving car desert anchor due to severe dehydration 97179

Chinese women’s desert car broke down due to severe dehydration and killed according to the "world news" reported the car, from Losangeles to Las Vegas to promotion of Chinese insurance broker Hong Biwei (transliteration, Biwei Hung, Linda Hung, English) days ago by the California police found dead near the bus (Barstow) of military training base in Fort Irwin (Ft.Irwin) desert, the police preliminary judgment of death because of severe dehydration. Linda Hong, aged 40, unmarried, she in August 27th local time alone to drive to Fort Irwin, met with some good boyfriend. California Police Bureau of San Bernardino bus 27 at noon at 12:58, her boyfriend received a report to find missing people, the police found a car tire in the soft ground in the desert path near highway 15 exit Yermo, near the car and no one in the local. The missing lost more than 24 hours, the police immediately to take aerial search, the police helicopter in the afternoon of 28 and 5 found an Asian woman lying in the desert, where the police to find the land locked Linda flood remains, located at a distance of 5 miles to the police car, she is running for the car to judge not, and walking. 5 miles of desert dry, she and her boyfriend had not yet arrived for the meeting place, hot dehydration death, time of death in about 27 at 5 pm. The original Linda hung in a Losangeles financial insurance company as insurance brokers and financial planning, she often nearly two years of service in Losangeles and Las Vegas two offices of customers, the last two months before the company moved to Las Vegas hukou, and she was promoted to manager of Southern Nevada area, two in Las Vegas area branch of business management. 26 days before the meeting and talking in Las Vegas and Linda Hong Wu Chinese said 26 days when talking to Linda all normal, no heavy heart phenomenon, impossible to commit suicide, she heard the news of the death of Wu, the Chinese were shocked, and prayed for her. (Feng Mingtai) source: China overseas network editor: the flourishing SN123相关的主题文章: