China’s 055 major new distribution system with the original cost of $6 billion 9c8814

China 055 universal VLS flooding with new cost 6 billion yuan original title: 055 China flooding with general new hair hanging system can mix 4 055 ton missile destroyers, its combat range covers second chain outside the sea region and the world, except the polar regions at the same time, but also for the battle our country supporting group. It can not only become the core of the surface ship formation or the integrated mobile formation, but also become the important component of the aircraft carrier formation. Combat mission type 055 destroyer, can be coordinated formation with other forces to perform anti submarine missions; alone or combined with other troops to attack enemy formations in various large and medium-sized ships; provide medium and long-range air defense for maritime combat formations; to provide fire support for the coordinated formation and implementation of remote landing operations; precision strikes on land target; maritime patrol and escort missions. Type 055 destroyer combat system configuration is currently the latest models of Chinese Navy active service equipment. Type 055 destroyer hard weapons of the main configuration of PJ38 type single 130 mm gun, the gun has a long range, high speed, can use different types of ammunition, and has the capability to launch guided projectile; short-range defense weapons, equipped with HQ-10 type weapon system of ship to air missile and type PJ-11 11 tube 30 mm CIWS gun weapon system; equipped with anti submarine weapon system and torpedo defense weapon system; common vertical launch system can transmit HHQ-9B remote and YJ-18A ship to air missile anti-ship missiles and land attack cruise missile and the new medium range ship to air missile. Type 346A phased array, remote target indication system, the Navy maritime combat group command information system configuration for the standard and so on these sophisticated equipment and systems, because of the rapid development of the electronics industry in Chinese, behind the original state level already Chinese military electronic industry is not the impression of the people, is one of the early entry into the world advanced level the field. Type 055 destroyer successfully developed integrated mast and universal integrated antenna makes the ship surface compared to the previous state of disorder has been greatly improved; the configuration of the various data link systems such as JIDS systems, integrated data link system and broadband high-speed data transmission system and so on, can provide anti-interference, high speed, large capacity, confidentiality digital, voice and data communication and positioning functions, and the functions of various types of conventional communication and satellite communication, water communication system is such that the ship has a strong ability of communication and information. Electronic warfare system type 055 destroyer capable of electromagnetic, optical and acoustic signals of surveillance vessels surrounding the threat level to judge all kinds of signals are measured and analyzed for pre alarm signal appears on the threat. By various means such as active and passive jamming methods on enemy shipborne and airborne radar and missile guidance equipment to suppress interference and thereby weaken the enemy’s combat capability, the ship and fleet safety protection. 055 destroyer using top-level design, layers of decomposition of the way to optimize the structure of the rationality and integration, command and control integration. The realization of standard information, the complete sharing of common benchmarks, equipment miniaturization, integration, integration, standardization. In radar, electronic warfare and communications systems.相关的主题文章: