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Chengdu is a real estate play substitution and insisted that there is no breach of contract "- Beijing 25 days, the reporter saw, real estate construction scheme (left) of the external wall insulation, and commercial housing sales contracts (right) of the relevant agreement is not consistent. The letter and the palazzo in the face of complaints insisted that there is no breach of contract, the owners "attitude" letters and the Royal Longshan play down substitution "track in September 14th, WCC exclusive coverage in Chengdu Tazishan park next to the letter and the Palazzo real estate for breach of contract, violation of consumer rights issue — the" commercial housing sales contracts "label the" exterior insulation ", others become" exterior insulation". The report caused widespread concern in the community, there have been a number of ten letters and the owners of the Dragon into the West China Metropolis Daily hotline complaint. However, in the face of these complaints, real estate developers and attitude makes owners disappointed. In the face of complaint and insisted that fulfill the "contract" does not default owner surnamed Wang complained that he purchased the letter and the Palazzo a house of 118 square meters, the contract housing height of not less than 3.15 meters, and his house indoor area net layer 2.8 meters high. Mr. Wang learned from the Huaxi Dushi Bao reported that the project by the external wall insulation, external wall insulation, after the event, it is suspected that this change affects the indoor floor. Another call Zhang owners said, because they do not understand the "contract" matters, others did not control the "contract" on the income of the house, he never thought of the letter and will play "substitution" trick, said the joint owners of a Dao Weiquan. And one of the owners of the construction industry into the hotline, said the West China metropolis daily to continue to monitor the report, and hope that the relevant functional departments to investigate the behavior of the letter and the behavior of the owners of the Royal Longshan investigation…… However, in the face of complaints from the owners, the letter and the dragon still insisted that there is no breach of contract. WCC reporter noted that in the "letter and play" the Royal Longshan perpetrating a report dated the same day, letters and home (Chengdu) Limited company deputy general manager Gong Xianliang was questioned in the WeChat circle of friends: "it’s very strange, the contract is clearly written within the external wall insulation, how does someone have to say exterior insulation it……" The letter and home (Chengdu) Co. Ltd. marketing planning department Miss Yang also stressed again in the WCC submitted a written reply: when the interview outline was not stipulated in the contract for external thermal insulation, and the Palazzo believe there is no breach of the project. Is it really a reporter reported mistakes? In order to ascertain the truth, in September 23rd, the WCC reporter with the letter and the Royal Longshan an owner Wang Bo (a pseudonym) a visit, a company engaged in energy-saving emission reduction of Chengdu professional company responsible person of Mr. Zhang, Mr. Zhang opened Wang Bo handed the "commercial housing sales contracts", pointing to "contract" in the appendix six in terms of second clearly said: "the contract for exterior insulation is." As clear as the option contract insulation exterior insulation "WCC reporter also noted that in the" annex six "in paragraph second marked" insulation material "," exterior insulation and wall insulation within the "two options. Among them, the "external wall insulation" selected East相关的主题文章: