Castro is gone, the world is tearing crycry

Castro left the world in a different way to tear Castro away, the world in a different way. Author: Zhou Qingan tear glacier observation source: public number "glacier thought library" Castro active in the Cold War era, no matter who wins, are actually two kinds of ideas can be copied is two kinds of bubble competition, competition. 90 former Cuban leader Fidel · the death of Castro, yesterday (November 26th) the most important news in world politics. The leader of the Latin American Revolution led by the independence of the liberation of the politicians left, leaving the whole world is a huge reflection and repeated questioning, of course, there is another round of the concept of tear. If from the political life, said Castro has officially bid farewell to politics. In February 2008, he opened an open letter to say goodbye to Cuba’s political retirement; in April this year, he again attended the closing ceremony of the Communist Party of Cuba and delivered a speech to tell people that he will eventually leave. But no matter how silent he was, or how long he had left, many of the country’s leaders visited Castro, who was still highly concerned by the political and media circles. Pay attention to the reason is very simple, he is known as the national independence and liberation era, with revolutionary idealism of the leaders in the living one, many people also assume that he still of Cuban politics has a decisive influence, there are more people took him as a kind of cultural and aesthetic spirit of the idol. Whether you like him or not, he’s hard to erase in the twentieth Century world politics. 1 but the history of the engraved and continue, have never been the same. The memory of the world for Castro, in fact, does not mean that heritage. Even in a sense, it’s more like a farewell to an era. And the appearance of this farewell, often after the new world political trend has been formed. After all, the day of Castro’s death is precisely a delicate time node. From the point of view of the relationship between the United States, the normalization of relations between the two countries this year, but at the same time the United States a new round of presidential elections has ended. The new president Donald, who is considered to be a populist color, and ·, who came to power on the side of the world, is indeed worthy of our attention of the political ideological changes after the alternation of the people of the Republic of China and the Republic of China, which took place on the stage of. Even Castro wearing camouflage uniforms holding portraits of cigars, and Trump wearing a suit and red tie photos, also seems full of sharp contrast. If we take the normalization of the relationship between beauty, as Obama was on the continuation of the cosmopolitan victory, so Castro’s departure and the arrival of Trump, is not a simple generational change, suggesting that the world is more like a return to realism from idealism and then enter the conservative popular period. Castro era, the majority of politicians are talking about the output of the revolution, but at present the United States general election and the United Kingdom as the representative of the European political behavior, it is an active strategic contraction. Behind the two changes, is to go too fast globalization movement. It should be said that from the beginning of the Cuban revolution led by Castro in the 1980s, we Hao相关的主题文章: