Cai Yingwen attended the commemoration of the veterans of the Taiwan World War II tribute to the Jap

Cai Yingwen attended the commemorative activities: a tribute to veterans of World War II Taiwan Japanese soldiers from the original title: Jiang Jieshi saw this scene, will live in a gas – Taiwanese veterans who Memorial Autumn Festival yesterday, Taiwan Kaohsiung municipal government launched a "war memorial – who belongs to Taiwanese veterans Autumn Festival" activities this is the first time, by the leaders of the Taiwan region Cai Yingwen officiating. In the activity, Cai Yingwen and Kaohsiung mayor Chen Ju for the Taiwan Strait, to the history of Taiwan war dead soldiers salute. However, in the object of her tribute, in addition to Taiwan Province, the people’s Liberation Army’s military, including Japanese soldiers from Taiwan to participate in World War ii. A Taiwan media reported that: Cai Yingwen and Chen Ju and one of the 12 Taiwan veterans attended the handshake. The year is different then the regime forced hundreds of thousands of Taiwan soldiers to Taiwan Japanese soldiers, Taiwanese, Taiwanese military PLA three different identity involved in the war, the autumn festival commemorating in the Pacific War, the civil war and the Korean War, lost their lives in the war of the Taiwan born soldiers." From the Taiwan media sent back photos, there is a commemorative mural on the scene, and the people’s Liberation Army and the military side by side with the military image, and the Japanese soldiers during World War ii. Let’s take a look at what Cai Yingwen said at the event: "the government will support the pursuit of Taiwan’s historical justice". "The war broke up a family, reversing the orbit of life, also should be friends, enemies, our generation, regardless of ethnicity, regardless of ethnicity, have witnessed the war years, have been struggling to survive in old age. We hope that through the commemoration and reflection, so that people can understand the story of the generation of war. I look forward to one day, the collective memory of the Taiwan society, is able to accommodate different generations, different ethnic groups experience, when people can accept the diverse historical perspective, Taiwan society can really move towards reconciliation." "The experience of Taiwan soldiers for a long time, can not be understood by the mainstream society in Taiwan, and now to meet them as part of the memory of the people of taiwan." An understatement "in three different identities involved in the war, the aggressors and resist aggression soldiers confused, as the Japanese invaders keep from talking about identity and crime. On the surface shouting "for the pursuit of justice," the noble slogan, in fact, is to sell her that is not, beautify the invasion of the deformed history. I do not know Jiang Jieshi spring under the know, to see this scene, how will I feel. Editor: the flourishing SN123相关的主题文章: