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Beijing city will add 100 community museum painting —   "13th Five-Year" period, the city will be added a new 100 community museum, the village community, more and more will have its own museum. Currently, the Beijing region has reached 176 registered Museum, covering the city’s 16 districts. Including the the Imperial Palace, Confucian Temple and the imperial Museum of ancient coins, ancient architecture relies on the establishment of the museum, there is also the capital museum, Beijing Museum of natural history and modern museum. "Museum exhibition covers the humanities, history, geography, nature, science and technology, the development of the industry and other aspects, can basically meet the different preferences of people." City Cultural Relics Bureau spokesman Yu Ping introduction. "13th Five-Year" period, the community museum will become the focus of development, plans to increase 100. Currently, the Municipal Bureau of cultural relics has begun to carry out a survey of the status quo of this type of Museum, according to the survey report to refine the 5 year development plan, and choose the machine to the public. For different types of museums, support the new deal is also being studied. Beijing to establish the museum’s access threshold, in the tax on different categories of museums to preferential policies to guide more private forces to join." Yu Ping introduction, the museum has now begun to record management regulations. The next 5 years, the Beijing museum will not only be more and more, the scope of free will be expanded. In addition, Lao She’s former residence, Xu Beihong Memorial Hall and a number of the old museum expansion project will be completed. At the same time, Beijing will set up a social project library, to guide the establishment of a long-term relationship with the school, the community museum, museum and real-time information. (commissioning editor Dong Zilong and Pan Jiajia)相关的主题文章: