Beijing denied the next round will receive congestion fees to the official release shall prevail – S

Beijing denied that the second ring will receive congestion fees: the official release of the quasi – social – People’s original title: second ring will receive congestion fees? Do not believe recently, the network transmission Beijing new road traffic and vehicle management measures will be implemented from 2017, said the second ring within the time period to collect congestion fees". The article also said Beijing license plate will be divided into "Beijing" prefix and the "first" prefix, "Beijing" is the first single and double limit line vehicles will be. Beijing morning news reporter yesterday from the Municipal Traffic Management Bureau, the Municipal Transportation Commission and other departments that did not get the notice, the staff advised the public not to believe in, the official release shall prevail. The day before, a "new measures for the management of traffic and vehicle road in Beijing will be officially implemented" in the 2017 article on the internet. The paper said that in 2017, two loop time congestion charges; within the fifth ring plate for the "first" prefix, five license plate for Beijing prefix. The "Beijing" prefix vehicles will be single and double limit line. Reporter yesterday by 12345 hotline, the Municipal Transportation Commission and the Municipal Traffic Management Bureau service hotline staff at that, several parties have not received notice of the above content, "the official release to prevail, advised the public always pay attention to the relevant ministries website and regular media news release". (commissioning editor Li Nannan and Zhang Yu)相关的主题文章: