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The wicked girl confession against still sentenced to death soojin

The wicked girl confession against still sentenced to death according to the court found that since 2009, the defendant Wang Yong through QQ chat, WeChat and other ways to find underage young, junior high school girls to chat with their friends in the name, and in some schools Post Bar said they often fight in the society "mixed" well. Many people are afraid of him. Wang Yong then looked for opportunities to meet the young girls with the methods of deception, threat and intimidation, and threatened to beat them if they didn’t meet. In order to successfully lure the victim to the designated place, Wang Yong arranged for others to meet with the victim, to determine that the victim was not accompanied by the victim, and then took the victim to the hotel room, and then adopted verbal threats or violent means to encroach on them. Wang Yong also instructed others to help him or her contact with some young or junior high school girls on the Internet, and take them to the hotel room where they opened beforehand, and use language threats, violence and other means to encroach on them. Through these means, Wang Yong infringed on 16 young girls and girls. In addition, Wang Yong also told the parents of the victims to tell the truth of a stationery shop owner extortion. After Wang Yong was brought to justice, he refused to confess to the crime facts and basically belonged to "zero confession". Only in the first interrogation, he confessed that he had sex with the victim Chen, but argued that Chen was voluntary. After the investigation, prosecution, the first instance and the second trial, they refused to plead guilty and did not make any excuse. In the first instance, the Wuhu intermediate court sentenced Wang Yong to death and deprived of his political rights for life. After sentencing, Wang Yong appealed. When the second session was held, Wang Yong refused to confess and tried to escape from trial by self mutilation. The court of second instance adopts the remote video trial to hear the case. The magistrates court after review of the law, although Wang Yong in the investigation and prosecution, the first and the second stage are the basic system of "zero confession", always refused to confession, but through the comprehensive consideration of the victim’s statements, identify transcripts, witness testimony, accomplice confession, forensic opinion evidence, through comprehensive analysis and certification, has formed a complete that system is sufficient to identify the facts of the crime. The Supreme Court upheld the original judgment and reported it to the Supreme Court for approval. 16 girls, girls against the villain was arrested after he refused to confess to the facts of the crime, basically belongs to the "zero confession". For such cases, the court how to judge? In November 3rd, in the fourth batch of reference cases issued by the provincial high court, the answer was: death penalty! According to the introduction, in the fourth batch of reference cases, in which the typical cases of the detailed exposition of a lot of trial difficulties have been a good answer. In the case of "zero confession" in criminal cases, Wang Yong’s rape and extortion case as a reference case, showing in detail the objective evidence is weak, the court how to correctly apply the rules of criminal evidence, to form a complete proof system. A typical case released to the referee uniform scale, avoid "somesentence", promote the judicial impartiality and credibility of the role. Reporter Lei Qiang

恶徒侵害少女 零口供照样判死刑   据法院审理查明,自2009年起,被告人王勇通过QQ聊天、微信等方式寻找在校初中未成年幼、少女,以交友为名与她们聊天,并在一些学校的贴吧中称自己在社会“混”得很好,经常打架,很多人都非常惧怕他。进而,王勇找机会以诱骗 、威胁、恐吓的方法要求与这些幼、少女见面,并扬言若不见面便要对她们进行殴打。为了能顺利将被害人诱骗至指定地点,王勇安排他人先与被害人见面,确定被害人身边没有人陪同,再将被害人带至宾馆房间,之后采取言语威胁或暴力手段将其侵害。王勇还指使他人帮助他在网络上或者身边多接触一些年纪小的或者刚上初中的女学生,并将她们带至自己事先开好的宾馆房间,采取语言威胁、暴力等手段将其侵害。通过上述手段,王勇共侵害16名幼女、少女。此外,王勇还对向受害人家长告知实情的某文具店老板进行敲诈勒索。   王勇归案后,对犯罪事实拒不供认,基本上属于“零口供”,仅在第一次讯问中承认和被害人陈某发生了性关系,但是辩称陈某是自愿的。在之后的侦查、起诉、一审、二审期间,均拒不认罪,也不做任何辩解。一审时,芜湖市中级法院判处王勇死刑,剥夺政治权利终身。宣判后,王勇提出上诉。二审开庭时,王勇拒不供认,并采取自残的方式逃避审判。 二审法院采取远程视频庭审方式开庭审理。裁判法院经依法审查,认为虽然王勇在侦查、起诉、一审、二审阶段均基本系 “零口供”,始终拒不供述,但通过综合考量被害人陈述、辨认笔录、证人证言、同案犯供述、法医鉴定意见等证据,通过综合分析认证,已形成完整的证明体系,足以认定犯罪事实。经省高院二审,维持原判,并报经最高院核准。   侵害16名幼女、少女的恶徒归案后对犯罪事实拒不供认,基本上属于“零口供”。对于这样的案件,法院该怎么判? 11月3日,在省高院发布的第四批参考性案例中给出了答案:死刑!   据介绍,在第四批参考性案例中,其中典型案件的详细阐述对很多审判难点都进行了很好的解答。在刑事案件的“零口供”情况中,王勇强奸、敲诈勒索案作为参考性案例,详细展示了客观证据薄弱,法院如何正确运用刑事证据规则,形成完整的证明体系。典型案例的发布,起到了统一裁判尺度,避免“同案不同判”,促进司法公正和公信的作用。   记者 雷强相关的主题文章:

Shandong 17 counties selected comprehensive strength hundred counties, Jiaodong area swept 6 seats 9c8836

Shandong 17 counties selected comprehensive strength hundred counties in Jiaodong Shandong area swept 6 seats to a total of 17 counties in the national comprehensive strength hundred counties ranked second in the total number of Shandong "17 counties" into the national comprehensive strength hundred counties ranked second Qilu news network November 8th day ago, small and medium-sized city economic development committee and other units jointly issued the twelfth China small city development index of scientific research achievements, "the 2016 year Chinese small city comprehensive strength hundred counties", "comprehensive strength hundred", "towns comprehensive strength 100 strong" list released. Among them, a total of 17 counties in Shandong into the "national comprehensive strength hundred counties ranked second, which won 6 seats in Jiaodong, Longkou City and Zhangqiu City, respectively in the comprehensive strength hundred and hundred most investment potential of eleventh and sixth, Shandong province is the strongest comprehensive strength of counties and the most investment potential county. Jiangsu province ranked first, 20 counties. Zhejiang province occupy 12 seats. It is understood that in the "comprehensive strength hundred zone in Shandong province has 11 finalists, are: Huangdao District of Qingdao city (13), Wendeng District, Weihai city (32), Zhangdian District, Zibo city (33), Licheng District of Ji’nan city (47), Linyi city (51 A), Linzi District of Zibo city (64), Yanzhou District, Jining city (70), Fushan District, Yantai city (79), Dongying District, Dongying city (80), Taishan District, Tai’an city (91), Rizhao City Arashiyama (94). In the "innovation and Entrepreneurship (HIT) the top 100 counties" in 16 cities on the list, are: Longkou City (8), Jimo (10), Laizhou (14), Qihe county (22), Guangrao county (24), Rongcheng (28), Zhaoyuan city (30), Tengzhou (31), Zhangqiu (36), Xintai (38), Feicheng (39), Qingzhou (44), Rushan (49), Changyi (72), Yucheng (85), Huantai county (96 a).

山东17县市入选综合实力百强县市 胶东地区包揽6席 山东以17个县市入列“全国综合实力百强县市”的总数位居第二 山东以17个县市入列“全国综合实力百强县市”的总数位居第二   齐鲁网11月8日讯 日前,中小城市经济发展委员会等单位联合发布了第十二届中国中小城市科学发展指数研究成果,“2016年度中国中小城市综合实力百强县市”、“综合实力百强区”、“建制镇综合实力前100强”等榜单出炉。其中,山东以17个县市入列“全国综合实力百强县市”的总数位居第二,其中,胶东地区包揽了6席,龙口市和章丘市,分别位居综合实力百强和最具投资潜力百强的第11位和第6位,是山东省综合实力最强县市和最具投资潜力县市。江苏省排名第一,达20个县市。浙江省占据12席。   据了解,在“综合实力百强区”中山东省有11个区入围,分别是:青岛市黄岛区(13位)、威海市文登区(32位)、淄博市张店区(33位)、济南市历城区(47位)、临沂市兰山区(51位)、淄博市临淄区(64位)、济宁市兖州区(70位)、烟台市福山区(79位)、东营市东营区(80位)、泰安市泰山区(91位)、日照市岚山区(94位)。   在“创新创业(双创)百强县市”中有16个县市上榜,分别为:龙口市(8位)、即墨市(10位)、莱州市(14位)、齐河县(22位)、广饶县(24位)、荣成市(28位)、招远市(30位)、滕州市(31位)、章丘市(36位)、新泰市(38位)、肥城市(39位)、青州市(44位)、乳山市(49位)、昌邑市(72位)、禹城市(85位)、桓台县(96位)。相关的主题文章:

Mid Autumn Festival, let us together painting moon, let the moon circle e2140

Mid Autumn Festival, let us together "painting moon", let the moon turn round, moon, where have you been? How can the moon disappear when it is still dark at night? Yes, the lost moon…… Not in the sky, in the heart. Under the neon lamp grows our lamp more bright, the person is more confused, the city temperature, lets the heart be tottering, does not have place. The moon’s orbit is around the earth, and what about life? Every day in the one-way route around as train’s fate is not tired at any time to stop lying in bed, touch mobile phone reply friend lost ticket ring delete comments ah, or "free appointment!" When, on earth, have we become the infinite parallel lines?…… Late at night, they slept; they woke up in the morning and went to work. It is a few, but live a solitary sense that this is selfish. The moon cake festival on the table, but not the crab meat suction eye blink more wrinkles dad a few months old baby also began to learn to speak of guilt and worry, suddenly engulfed the full circle half mixed coil life track setting woods, fast-paced, high pressure, small circle and emptiness, after work, mobile phone has become the most devoted companion, lonely heart and bustling city is ironic, this is everyone may be suffering from the "city of autism"! Some minds can’t wait for a day, we might as well try to care about people around us. How many lost moon can there be again? Guangzhou rural commercial bank sun public fund special groups for the village club back heart month to draw together the month, make it round! (long term identification of two-dimensional code, into interactive)

中秋节 让我们一起“画月”让月亮变圆月亮,你到底去哪儿了?月亮明明仍入夜而出,怎会不见?没错,那遗失的明月……不在天上,在心里。霓虹灯下成长的我们灯愈亮人愈迷茫城市温度,让心摇摇欲坠、无处安放。月亮的轨迹是环绕地球,那生活呢?每天在单行的路线上奔波就如火车的命运不是累了就随时能停靠躺在床上,摸起手机回复死党的票圈输了又删的评论哎,还是“有空约见!”吧究竟何时,我们成了无限延长的平行线……深夜下班,他们已经睡了;早上醒来,他们忙活去了。明明是一家几口,却活出了独居感才发觉这是自私地发奋月饼节的饭桌上,吸睛的不是虾蟹鱼肉而是爸爸霎眼多出的皱纹几个月大的宝贝也开始学讲话内疚与担心,顿时吞噬了满圆的半边混凝森林里点线圈的生活轨迹,节奏快、压力大、圈子小、空虚感重,下班后手机成为最投入的伴侣,孤单的心与热闹的城市显得讽刺,这就是每个人都可能患有的“城市孤独症”!有些心意等不了某个日子我们不妨试着关心身边的人。遗失的明月几许再有?广州农商银行太阳公益基金会为村社里的特殊人群找回心中月一起画月,让它变圆吧!(长按识别二维码,进入互动)相关的主题文章:

Second hand housing is also crazy September second-hand housing turnover leaked two secrets – 2828创业网

Second-hand housing crazy   second-hand housing turnover in September two leaked secret — Zhejiang channel: original title: September second-hand housing turnover leaked two secrets (commissioning editor Zhang Liwei and Weng Dikai) 二手房也疯狂 9月二手房成交量泄露两大秘密–浙江频道–人民网 原标题:9月二手房成交量泄露两大秘密 (责编:张丽玮、翁迪凯)相关的主题文章:

The fastest four luxury cars on the ground! 2017 Bentley flying sp- demonophobia

The fastest four luxury cars on the ground! 2017 Bentley Flying Sp- style Sohu Bentley recently released 2017 Flying Spur W12 S style luxury car official pictures of the new "flying" in the appearance of the basic continuation of the current design, but in the details a little adjustment, such as headlights, grille and taillights, wheel etc. the "blackened" processing, make more overall the high-end temperament and profound sense. Power, the new car will be powered by a 6 liter W12 twin turbo engine, the maximum power 626hp, maximum torque of 820Nm, matching the 8 speed automatic transmission, the highest speed can reach 325km h, and 0-100km h in just 4.5 seconds, can be described as "the fastest four door sedan. In addition, the new car will be equipped with four-wheel drive system, as well as both comfort and performance of the new suspension system. As for the interior, Flying Spur W12 to highlight the essence of luxury leather interior, with the appearance of the echo of the details of the design to enhance the texture, and the head of the "W12 S" logo is a symbol of identity. In addition, the rear is also equipped with a touch screen, can be used to adjust the car’s comfortable configuration, wireless networks and entertainment systems. It is reported that the new car will be officially unveiled at the September 29th Paris international auto show, and will be put into production by the end of this year. Thank you for your attention to WeChat public number: geear-geear相关的主题文章:

For love and maintenance will not be Hsu Chi with a young girl married to Stephen Fung zuczug

For love and maintenance are not on Hsu Chi with the girl married Stephen Fung Yan lead: probably because the bride and groom the color value is high, there may be Stephen Fung is Leo, and Hsu Chi is the two constellation Aries, and with the character of two people, the wedding photos are even the personal independence of conduct is playful sweet ~WOW, really is the male god goddess be caught off guard a mouthful of food and beauty by Hsu Chi blind! (source: PClady) Hsu Chi Stephen Fung is not a little defensive, in this happy weekend, and suddenly announced that the marriage of her marriage to Hsu Chi, and to the end of the year, the first time, in the end of the week! Along the way, not the old goddess finally married love! Lin Chiling, oh, you’re the only one left. For love and maintenance are not on Hsu Chi with the girl Yan married Stephen Fung may be because the bride and groom the color value is high, there may be Stephen Fung is Leo, and Hsu Chi is the two constellation Aries, and with the character of two people, the wedding is the personal independence of conduct even playful and warm ~WOW really, is the male god goddess be caught off guard a mouthful of food and beauty by Hsu Chi blind! I first saw only the goddess of ring finger ring, second eyes to wonder how the goddess comes with a time machine, interference completely without time, skin swelling and elastic! The goddess also asked the photographer to specify the natural wind only with a reflective board! You can see that Hsu Chi is quite confident about their own skin, the face of collagen really do not see that she has 40+, and this is the strength of the maintenance of the melon friends ah! On the blackboard: face maintenance rival! The first is the old enemy anti relaxation, and relaxation of the fundamental problems in the dermis, cells control fibroblast dermal stem, elements of collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and other young skin, when the age, dermal stem cell function will decline, like the formation of all-powerful relaxation, not elastic and other skin problems. Send the wedding dress to wear the brand sports shoes, foot to shoot the wedding. Hsu Chi may only wear the brand to send wedding shoes, foot to shoot the wedding may be only Hsu Chi, Stephen Fung is wearing a simple black suit the street to buy a white T-shirt collocation, high Yan value CP looks like a general picture! Hsu Chi fair and clear skin is the best accessories, the lines on the face is also tight, with exaggerated lovely face, the girl feeling Pumianerlai ~, girls often play the attraction of Qi and fight game, to lift the maintenance and operation of first-class, not to give the "Relaxation" will be an opportunity. See bridegroom Stephen Fung this kiss kiss as you know how much Wuli girl Stephen Fung Qi, you slowly old, because Wuli Hsu Chi also has been against the world remain in the level of girls’ muscle. Stephen Fung hand bouquet, hand holding flowers also beautiful than Hsu Chi, duly completed life ah Stephen Fung hand bouquet, hand holding flowers also beautiful than Hsu Chi, duly completed life ah! Don’t talk, let me quietly for a while battered! But in the background that dry and exposure environment for a long time, the skin will be hurt. Sunscreen and sun repair work must be done, and the best second days to drink a cup of honey water, and indirectly promote the body’s The new supersedes the old. to allow the skin to absorb moisture, prevent dry.相关的主题文章:

The young pregnant mom just out, mother was a slap in the past! Sohu – verbal jint

The young pregnant mom just out, mother was a slap in the past! My mother – Sohu recently went to the hospital to see a child after the birth of her colleagues Fei Fei, she pulled me chat. She and I said: "sometimes in the delivery room is really confused mother or mother-in-law?" I asked why she was so fantastic? Fei Fei said to me: "yesterday saw a young pregnant mother just gave birth to the child, she just made a real mother, but slap in the past!" Feifei will things tell me antecedents and consequences. The young mother called the leaves, only 18 years old. After graduating from junior high school, she went to work in Nanjing, but has been unable to find a suitable job. Leaves to listen to a friend said you can learn the door technology, so no matter where you have to eat. Her mother needed money to enroll for the plate, a year after she learned well is recommended to the company, the results met the boyfriend now Xiaohao. Xiao Hao fell in love with the leaves at first sight, but also her boss, whether at work or in life on her special care. Leaves soon after and Xiaohao love together, their love was. Leaves one day found himself always nausea retching, even often sleepy, temper becomes restless. At first she thought she was eating the wrong thing. She went to the Department of Gastroenterology to see a doctor. The doctor told her that she was pregnant and she was happy. But she did not dare to tell their parents, parents will be afraid of anger, fear of cruel parents let her children off. She was going to tell her parents when she was born, so she wouldn’t take her parents even if they were angry. The leaves of the parents to let her go home, she is always looking for a variety of reasons to shirk, parents thought leaves work not too concerned about. Pregnant in October, day of birth. The leaves in the day, she launched the advance in hospital waiting for the children. She stayed in the antenatal ward, looking at other women have their own well-being, the leaves of the heart feel particularly acid. After much deliberation, she decided to call her mother, saying that she was going to have a baby. From the field to Nanjing leaves very worried mother, mother to the hospital when it leaves into the delivery room. About half an hour later, the nurse pregnant mother leaves are derived from the delivery room, but mother care words are not, directly hit a slap in the face leaves. When nurses are scared, just know later that reason is mother blame irresponsible leaves as children. In fact, the leaves are still in the stage of growth and development, should not have children so early. Even live together with her boyfriend should also be good to protect themselves, we must do a good job contraception. The behavior of the parents of the leaves is a little too much, it is also the responsibility of the deep love of cut ah! I always love to buy things on the Internet, the husband abandon me money, buy something expensive! He had great difficulty, from his friend introduced me to a skirt, there are a lot of Tao Baotian cat inside coupons, shopping value, free to receive any Tmall store coupons, any store can be used, not to be too stingy, so everyone to share, buttoned skirt, skirt if [36426O8] never let you in, you say is Nathan friends.相关的主题文章: