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Forge ahead of apple, the bottleneck of mobile computing technology 1 – Sohu and forge ahead of the apple year spent similar, but each year to buy apple, once a year, and especially because of apple in September. From the beginning of 2007, we no longer stay up and watch the Spring Festival and other new year, but the new apple watch. IPhone 7 release, Apple’s Eleventh phones. In a few months, iPhone will be 10 years old. Like every year, the closer the release, the more heated discussions about Apple’s new, but all the details of Apple’s new models have been expected, all the characteristics of the release has been discussed many times. But when the day comes, you have to say that apple is the focus of all people, no matter what your feelings. However, the most talked about this year, but it is iPhone8…… In other words, iPhone7 still represents the most advanced mobile computing productivity: waterproof, dual cameras, highlighting Retina HD, wireless headset, processor upgrades, etc.. This product proved that Apple’s hard work and effort, but also the performance of the human phone can be done to what extent. However, the market is not in 2007. 2, the bottleneck of mobile computing mobile computing released from Apple iPhone set off a climax so far, the market has gone through a period of rapid growth. Shipments continued to decline, followed by mobile phone PC, tablet PC into the development bottleneck. Not just Apple, Samsung, HUAWEI, millet, all mobile giants are facing tremendous pressure to grow, millet two quarter shipments fell by 40%. In the past few years of rapid growth, because of the unprecedented fierce competition in the market and the Internet era of exaggerated marketing, the market is quickly mining and covering. Product homogeneity is becoming increasingly serious, and the development of mobile application scenarios are almost exhausted…… After all, people do not live entirely in the phone, circle of friends is not the whole life. If there is no epoch-making technological progress or product breakthroughs, people in the hands of the phone is actually enough. Everyone has a cell phone, the willingness to upgrade will become increasingly indifferent. Even apple said that they sold 1 billion phones. When people have enough to eat, eat a lot of support ah, even if you are apple. Press conference, apple stressed the entertainment (especially the game entertainment), emphasizing the dual camera, emphasizing wireless headset, but also waterproof. Apple is trying to expand the application of mobile computing scenarios, with the hope that the use of excellent technical support to increase the use of time and consumer reasons. Apple hopes to replace the mobile phone games, digital cameras, credit cards, TV audio, etc.. Even so, the audience has an illusion: "this is an entertainment conference?" The hand piece is so sarcastic: "Nintendo opened a conference very newbier, invited Cook of apple……" By coincidence, on the same day, SONY released the new Psvr and PS 4 pro…… Out of the mobile market 3, the market competition and the inevitable competition will therefore become more like the glint and flash of cold steel. )相关的主题文章: