Apple iPhone 7 appointment on the first day the user site containment until November, mobile phone s jinshen

Apple iPhone 7 users appointment on the first day: containment website, until November shipments of sina mobile phone mobile phone news on September 9th afternoon news yesterday, Apple Corp released the all-new two mobile phone: iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus, we have a detailed introduction to the two mobile phone. Today, iPhone 7 series from 3 p.m. to start in Apple’s official website / Apple Store application (only iOS download) to accept reservations, September 16th officially shipped. (Sina public test 50 iPhone 7 free delivery!) In today’s book, due to domestic users of iPhone 7 high enthusiasm, lead to a "containment" of the Apple Corp website, short time caused by congestion, but each user can still reserve the new iPhone. The iPhone 7 new bright black the most popular users, the current 128GB and 256GB shipments have been extended to two November. Prior to the domestic users like rose gold and gold is currently displayed within 2-3 weeks shipments, golden 32GB version of the delivery date is still 16 days. The reservation iPhone 7 support international credit card (visa MasterCard) WeChat payment, cash on delivery and installment payment in four ways. Among them, the fastest time to use the international credit card account, WeChat pay the slowest after payment to wait until Apple confirmation to complete the order, has been in the payment of the purchase price of WeChat users, are currently in a wait state. As of press time ago, iPhone 7 series can still accept reservations, bright black need to wait until November delivery, the remaining color 2-3 weeks delivery. (Regal)相关的主题文章: