After the end of the parking stall abnormal sound old driver to teach you a solution (video) invictus gaming

The car stalled after the abnormal sound old driver teach you a trick to solve whether the red flame go more cost of oil I believe that many owners have such experience, after it was shut down, the car chassis or internal will make some noise, such as Ding, Da Da, pops, click, click, some may be a sound however, when different owners describe became not the same argument, here we unified that noise. Generally speaking, we think that the idea that the car is stalled car, and how it will send out the sound? Feel a little puzzled, in fact, turn off the car after parking, although the macro point of view, the car is still down, but the components of electronic equipment, the car did not stop, so they also have a different sound conditions. Summary of reasons after flameout under abnormal sound: sound and cooling conditions of normal 1, three waycatalytic: three waycatalytic normal working temperature is 400-800 DEG C, flameout, the stop slowly, the temperature will drop, the metal parts inside there will be thermal expansion and contraction, and make noise. 2, the exhaust pipe of the cooling time: the cold idle exhaust pipe can have a more than and 200 car load or high temperature, mixed gas burning conditions in the exhaust pipe, the temperature will be higher, so the exhaust pipe will also issue noise and thermal expansion and contraction, the sound of many cases from the front end of the exhaust pipe and the soft connection. 3, turbine cooling: under normal circumstances, the exhaust gas temperature reaches 6, 700 DEG C, accelerate the rapid rotation friction temperature of the turbine, after the flame expansion and contraction will be very obvious, thereby making noise. 4, the engine abnormal sound caused the uneven cooling of the car: after a period of time, the engine temperature is high, flameout, various components of temperature drop of thermal expansion and contraction can not be completely a proportion, so inevitable or cause the gap between the metal parts inside the engine due to cooling shrinkage friction and abnormal noises. Two, 1, three faults of catalytic converter screw interface position Songkuang: after the flame expansion and contraction will lead to abnormal sound is more obvious. 2, carbon canister magnetic valve damage: easily lead to deformation of the tank sound. 3, the pulling motor starter: pull for bad gear and engine flywheel starter, flameout pull motor to release the engagement, if the work is bad, easy to produce "abnormal sound quack". 4, refrigerant pipeline failure: for example, the low pressure air conditioning and engine speed to produce a resonance (lower speed), resulting in abnormal sound. Summary: in most cases, the abnormal sound after flameout is normal, because the fault caused by a small number of people, after all, we do not have to worry too much about this situation, to understand this article, according to the sound source to identify the exclusion of good.相关的主题文章: