After admission, lack of beds is a kind of admissions chaos – Sohu comments sexinse

After admission, lack of beds is a kind of admissions chaos – Sohu comments recently, sources said, Guangxi business school students because of lack of beds and can not sign up for school. Some students said that the school had asked him to pay the positioning fee, or may not be admitted. The Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Education Department said it is currently handling the matter, will be given a solution. The evening of August 23rd, Guangxi business school party secretary Liu Hongjun said that the Ritchie part of office space for the dormitory. Beijing News (August 24th) in response to the school said, issued more than 2 thousand notices to more than 1 thousand people, only 900 beds, it can not take into account all students. For this reason, the school admissions office issued a message, by paying the positioning fee to ensure that students can be admitted, the quota is limited, first pay first. In this view, the school’s enrollment disorder, according to the actual and the rules. "Fee" not only let students and parents confused, also let the occupation education: some occupation school admissions chaos watch. Guangxi business school is a secondary education occupation education school enrollment qualifications, on the basis of "ordinary high school, secondary school enrollment plan management Interim Measures" provisions, the enrollment plan occupation school should be combined with the actual teaching and living conditions, and then determine the enrollment, and then determined by the education department for examination and approval, can not be arbitrarily change your enrollment plan. The school regardless of the truth, enrollment exceeded capacity, apparently illegal. As for the collection of "positioning fee" behavior, contrary to regulations and "prohibited in the freshmen admission before the violation of any fees for the students". It will be said that the notice has been the norm of vocational school enrollment, based on the reality of the plight of vocational education, in order to ensure enrollment, you can understand. However, the "multi" does not mean that the "free"". School admissions for negligence, independent recruitment system and the system Its loopholes appeared one after another., is the essence of the problem. Admissions process does not confirm each other, so that students and schools in a state of inequality. The Department of education supervision oversight on enrollment occupation school, also contributed to the admissions chaos. It can be said that the school because of "insufficient beds" can not let some students admitted to school already has a special reason, a "positioning fee" is the last ditch. But the accident and must not be a cover for vocational school admissions ills, there is no such, there will be other "accident" and "no"". Some occupation schools need to recognize the reality of warning, to take their own admissions system and system operation, get rid of real defects, or left helpless, can only continue to discredit the occupation education.相关的主题文章: