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One plus mobile phone operating system or Android 7 into the domestic first – Sohu digital   Zhongguancun online news: recently in the test site GeekBench actually had run Android  7 plus a mobile phone, a mobile phone plus appears in Android  7 system adapting to advance a few other domestic manufacturers, perhaps one plus mobile phone users will be the first to taste the Android  system; 7. One plus mobile phone 1 generation began testing   7; Android    from the screenshot, this type of model for "OnePlus  A0001", combined with the bottom configuration of the quad core 2.88GHz Qualcomm snapdragon 810 processor, this run is really from a first generation mobile phone system, clearly written bar "Android  7, 7 seems to have begun to test the system in a mobile phone.     Android  7 systems with respect to the 6 the same is a leak filled, not like the previous Android  5 that great changes in visual style, so the 7 act like a 6 function complementary version, increasing the system level split screen, better Doze power, new drop-down bar etc..相关的主题文章: