7 building fire fire back to the father to save the woman is burn knot (Figure) – Beijing doat

7 building fire fire back to the father to save the woman is burn knot (Figure) – Beijing, firefighters are rescue escape to the six floor balcony of the father. Guangzhou daily news (reporter Zhang Danyang correspondent Xiao Xuan photography reports) Guangzhou City Public Security Fire Bureau yesterday informed, 9:27 on October 23rd, Guangzhou City, 119 command center received the alarm, two road, Baiyun District, a village southwest of Wangjiang garden houses 7 building fires, 7 teams were immediately deployed 12 fire engines rushed to the scene disposal. It is reported that the fire department in the 8 floor of the evacuation of the 3, were not injured in the rescue of the first floor of the 2 people, of which the adult man injured to be determined; the age of 10 girls burned area of one percent, no life-threatening. Father with his daughter down to the six floor of the cable fire department, the fire building is a 8 storey reinforced concrete structure houses, single storey building area of about 300 square meters, the fire site for the building of 7 room, room area of about 70 square meters, the main burning furniture, bed, etc.. According to witnesses, the scene was a great fire, the flames channeling across the floor. The building tenants said in a media interview, on the morning of 9 PM by smoke woke up, the first time out of the room and found the smoke is flowing from the opposite side of the room. "The process of escape, took the house door, but no one answered." In the next to the 6 floor, the residents of the house to hear the fire broke out in the explosion sound, but the sound is relatively small. When rushed downstairs, the household was informed that there was a father and daughter trapped inside the fire unit. As the fire becomes larger, the father was forced to open fire and smoke from the balcony, had to climb up to the network security, "the child started crying Wah wah." However, the critical moment, the father did not die, but actively seek escape. Witnesses said in an interview, Dad opened the safety anti-theft network cable outlet, tied the daughter, hanging "slow down" to the 6 floor and anti-theft net awning top, then he climbed down the security net, then the father and daughter standing in the top awning together waiting for rescue. Scene of a female neighborhood, said the father has been burned on the side of the upper body. The firemen rescued smoothly and the two shear lock "on their top awning, slowly moved to the side of the balcony next door neighbor." Firefighters involved in the rescue, told reporters that the fire door of the unit open, anti-theft door closed, rescue workers spent two or three minutes successfully demolished. Rushed into the house, I saw two bedroom 70 square meters of almost all the fire, fire, smoke billowing. Firefighters quickly launched fire fighting. At the same time, in order to race against time, a group of firefighters rushed to the fire room next door neighbor. "The next tenant has escaped, but the door is open. We go after the network security next to see the father and daughter, two people sitting in the balcony near the top of the canopy." Firefighters said, two balcony distance is five or six meters, and the top of the canopy width of 50 cm. As the neighbor’s security net security on the lock, which the father and daughter can not be transferred to the security zone. Then, firefighters quickly cut the lock, open the security door, will lay a good safety rope knot one by one handed man, let him give his daughter to safety.相关的主题文章: