There must be a girl, you don’t remember her naughty怎么读

There must be a girl, you do not remember her good public concern, Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! The original title: don’t you remember her good source: warm brother met a girl like her nervous she her sensitive suspicious vagaries of her in front of you always cry, she always said she thinks you do not love her. You also embraced her let her coax her to make her happy when you are tired you no matter her you let her sad one waiting for her later run for you then you tired of your temper you start to tell her when she makes her more angry than don’t you think this is she is she behoove a turn you into this. Did you ever think about who made her like that?. You think about it when she is with you every day is not just smile when she is with you never cry no trouble with you when she is not as ignorant as each happy cute little girl. Do you think you have to give up too much time to play the game now. How much have you put her in your hands every day to send dozens of messages now how much you once a day to see her there will be a world without end missing now how many left with her. You think you have too much of her commitment to her finally, you did not do you how much that finally you let her down to her you promised much promise too much forever finally you don’t remember. Are you tired of her tears her complaining about her little temper but you don’t know how much she suffered Xinrudaoge feeling she thought you’d always be as original as her pet her pain to her she is so stupid ah my heart to you either in your hands or severely crush you always chose the latter. Trust you you don’t understand why you just do what she was angry that you don’t understand why she always has so much temper always quarrel with you you don’t understand why some things she doesn’t look what your Big deal didn’t understand why she is crying always unhappy. You start to feel a little tired of her, you start to become more and more silent, more and more with her no words you think she neuropathy just want to hide her far away you feel that your feelings are coming to an end. But do you know every time she quarrel with you when her heart hurt you know she just wanted you to be nicer to her. You know she is every thought you will coax her the first time you have let her down you know when you think she changed the variable you can accept she also think you have changed but she accepted you remember every time you did not say when you look behind her how sad struggling how upset every time you say you love her when her eyes have much uncertainty to)相关的主题文章: