According to the minimum standard delivery of 12 online shopping crabs crab shrink up to 30% sql2005安装图解

According to the minimum standard delivery of 12 online shopping crabs crab shrink up to 30% original title: online shopping crabs according to the minimum standard delivery? Sampling: 12 crabs shrink up to 30% autumn crab fat cream yellow, it is the season to eat crabs. Recently, Mr Li to the morning news hotline reflect, he bought the "Yangcheng Fairy" hairy crab coupons on the internet. According to the label crab coupons, this type of box 8, male crab each 4.0-4.4 two Crabs per two 2.9-3.1. However, when the crabs gift sent, found serious shrink, 8 crabs is 7 more than and 2. Coincidentally, such as Lee by crab coupons, many people buy crabs on the Internet, have had a similar experience "fooled". So online shopping crabs, how much water? Morning news reporter on the Internet through the 6 crab purchase crabs, then randomly selected from each brand of crabs (male and female), were weighing experiment, results showed that these crabs are not up to the standard weight, one of the crabs shrinking rate as high as 30%. 8 crabs 7 less more than and 2 eleven holiday just a few days, Mr. Lee will eat fish on a commercial web site to find a company called "Yang Cheng Fairy" shop, for a price of 328 yuan of Yangcheng Lake hairy crab coupons. Crab coupons, Mr. Li is buying "1299 type" Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, this type of box 8, the male crab of each 4.0-4.4 two, namely 200 grams -220 grams of crabs; each 2.9-3.1 is two, 145 grams -155 grams. Lee recalled that in October 13th received crab coupons that night, he used the phone in the specified mall appointment delivery. In October 17th, crabs gift sent, Mr. Li can’t wait to see unboxing. Just out of the bag in a crab, he was aware of the strange, "how so light? Male crab has 4 double?" To weigh other crabs, feeling very light. Mr. Li Xinyoubugan took home the scales, put a male crab on the scale, it frightened him: the male crab weighs only 151.2 grams, which is 3 to two; for a female crab, weighs only 104.2 grams, 2 two early: "clearly written on the male crab coupons each crab crabs per 4.0-4.4 two; 2.9-3.1 two. It’s all a lie! A total of 8 is 360 grams, which is 7 to more than and 2." Mr. Li said: "because the crabs of different specifications, price is also different," small change "and" Duanjinqueliang ", a box of 122 less, even, missing so much, I certainly do not accept!" Customer service said the water evaporated light weight Lee immediately to the seller after calculating the customer service of the customer service, every promise of crabs supply him 7.9 yuan, only 8 (4 of total) supply him 31.6 yuan. Then, each of the crab to compensate 7.9 yuan, what is it? Lee told reporters that he and the seller’s customer service dialogue screenshot. When Mr. Li asked the customer service, two of the 4 water crab shrink 151.2 grams, normal? How to explain? phenanthrene相关的主题文章: