Apple watch third quarter sales in the end is the 1 million 100 thousand or the 2 million 800 thousa 捷安特xtc750

Apple Watch third quarter sales in the end is the 1 million 100 thousand or the 2 million 800 thousand? Map: Apple Watch Phoenix Technology News Beijing on November 5th news, according to foreign media reports, analysts disagree strongly on status of the smart watch market, some analysts believe that the smart watch market in decline, other analysts believe the market good momentum of development, and to predict the next few years will be strong growth in sales. Market research firm IDC released a report last month, said the third quarter of the global smart watches sales of only $2 million 700 thousand, down 51%. In stark contrast, the market research firm Canalys local time on Thursday reported that the third quarter smart watches sales grew by 60% to $6 million 100 thousand. The two companies on the definition of smart watches are able to run third party applications wearable devices, so they should be no statistical difference in the type of equipment. However, an important difference between the two companies is the third quarter Apple Watch sales. IDC estimated third quarter Apple Watch sales fell by 71% to $1 million 100 thousand, Canalys is estimated that this figure is 2 million 800 thousand – close to the IDC estimate of 3 times. Canalys analyst Daniel · (Daniel) in an interview insisted that Apple Watch 2 million 800 thousand sales of more than a source confirmed, "one hundred percent accurate Matte", "". He also said that in the third quarter Apple Watch sales of "slightly lower than the same period last year, but the gap is not large," said". He did not disclose Canalys’s estimate of Apple Watch sales in the third quarter of 2015. Canalys said that in 2015 Apple sold 12 million Apple Watch, well below the expectations of many analysts and market observers. Canalys expects apple to sell 10 million Apple Watch this year – down from last year. Matt said, the market is very delicate, smart watches growth momentum is different from people’s expectations. Our numbers are in conflict with other analysts, much higher than their data, and we don’t think there’s a slump in the smart watch market." IDC analyst Ramon · (Ramon) on October 24th issued a statement saying that smart watches sales fell sharply, reflecting the situation in the reorganization of the platform and the vendor in the case of Llamas". Apple is only 9 months after the sale of the Watch generation of Apple, Google Wear release time is postponed until next year, Samsung Gear S3 announced in September has not yet listed on sale in Android. What’s · IDC Analyst (Jitesh Ubrani); Wubulani over the past year has repeatedly pointed out that the smart watch is subject to the purpose is not clear. He said in a statement on October, so that the smart watch experience is different from the smart phone is the key." IDC July, said the second quarter smart watch market shrank by 32%, but相关的主题文章: