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On 2016, the first session of the seminar on enrollment (data plan), a seminar on Teaching Nature Heritage in order to promote the medium, for the purpose to Baneslayer positive, Deming enlightenment, enlightenment wisdom, purify the mind. Two, teachers Speaker: Miao Ji master. A monk in Jiangxi Qingyuan mountain, graduated from Chinese Buddhist College, the author discusses the painstaking research, "lecture", "100", "Twelve lectures on the lecture", "Sutra lecture", "Diamond Sutra lecture", "Heart Sutra lecture", "lecture", "the pure body and still light the old discovery record", "legacy" and so on. Three, school conditions the enrollment by the Hangzhou Museum of Ling’an Meihong, their host temple. Hangzhou Meihong Museum, located in Hangzhou City, West Lake scenic area, founded by Ruan Yongbin Upasaka, covers an area of 600 square meters, the main vegetarian restaurant, enthusiastic charity. Ling’an Qile temple is located in Zhejiang province Ling’an City Gansu street, by the abbot of the old monk to vow to reconstruction, facilities, convenient transportation, the environment elegant. Four, the school system and enrollment quota of 1, the use of centralized teaching methods, rolling teaching, perennial enrollment. 2, each student: 20. Five, curriculum 1, junior class 15 days: "in a lecture". 2, intermediate 30 days: "in a lecture", "100", "Twelve lectures on the lecture". 3, the senior class 60 days: on the "lecture", "100", "Twelve lectures on the lecture", "Sutra lecture", "Diamond Sutra lecture", "Heart Sutra lecture", "lecture" by wang. 4, lecture time: 9:00 am – 11:00, 14:00 PM – 16:00, 18:00 PM – 20:00 review discussion. 5, the provisional per semester for 30 days, 15 days before the talk "on", after 15 days of "100", "said on the twelve door" theory, students can choose courses according to the time. Six, students 1, patriotism, law-abiding, pious, abide by the law for four disciples. 2, have a certain foundation of Buddhism, and men and women irrespective of age. 3, good health, no infectious diseases and mental illness. Seven, registration method 1, registration time: from now on, the deadline is not limited. 2, school time: place full report can be opened, then the phone message notification. Excess quota, arrange the next entrance. 3, registration procedures: who meet the conditions of enrollment, please contact the person in charge of the phone or SMS, leave contact, to confirm the course, ahead of schedule, waiting for admission notice. Eight, during the study of the relevant provisions of the 1, accommodation monastery arrangements, teaching materials free of charge. 2, abide by the teaching arrangements, try to complete their studies, to avoid give up halfway. Nine, traffic liaison Temple address: Zhejiang province Ling’an City Gan village temple music. Bus routes: 1, drive direct navigation to Ling’an City Music Temple (Lu Jia Gan village head). 2, take the bus to Ling’an bus station, then transfer to the No. 71 bus up on Gan village temple music. 3, transit from Hangzhou. (1), Hangzhou train station, transfer to a fall line: Hangzhou Railway Station. (2) Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport – airport bus – Hangzhou Railway Station. (3) directly to Hangzhou Railway Station. (4), take the bus to Hangzhou bus station. (5) Hangzhou Railway Station.相关的主题文章: