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Hunan two government website was informed by the State Council, the provincial government has not yet rectification – Sohu news Hunan recently conducted a new round of provincial government website checks. The results showed that 346 government website checks pass rate of 88.15%, higher than the first quarter, "zombie" and "sleep" government websites to reduce, but there are still 41 government websites fail in the "cramming", of which the vast majority of the grass-roots government website, are not updated, long-term home page column content the message did not respond, blank, long-term home section "open window" and other issues. In the unqualified 41 government websites, the county government departments, township governments and neighborhood offices and other basic units of substandard sites up to 35. The Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture of Fenghuang County market and website administration of Quality Supervision Station "open window"; Huayuan County Civil Affairs Bureau website has not been updated for more than a year; Shaoyang City Shuangqing District Public Security Bureau website sections of the content is not accurate; Yueyang City Land Resources Bureau Yunxi District branch site did not disclose any public letters and replies; Yiyang city Yuanjiang city food and Drug Administration website, Zhangjiajie City, Cili County Public Security Bureau website long to visit…… The problem of government website, the fault was singled out, and in a form of online public. According to statistics, Sangzhi County, Yongding District, Fenghuang County, Luxi county government website checks failed more than 60%. Zhangjiajie, Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture Government website has been informed by the general office of the State Council, the provincial government office, but has not yet taken effective measures for rectification, within the jurisdiction of the site is still more problems. "Briefing" on the 2016 second provincial government website checks the requirements of the office of the Hunan provincial government, the sample for the related administrative departments, state and provincial departments website unqualified website in September 20th before the rectification office in writing submitted to the provincial government. Government agencies at all levels of government agencies to carry out spot checks, issue a list of issues and other ways to strengthen routine monitoring, to ensure that the area within the government website compliance standards. The feedback is not timely, accurate, rectification and Reform in place, not strict audit unit, the office of the provincial government will instruct the relevant state and city departments to be informed promptly correct and timely. Checks also found 14 city government website, 122 counties according to the requirements of the government portal website in the website home page added "I was wrong government website" supervision and reporting platform entrance. The problem of Internet users to report, the provincial government office will be transferred to the relevant city and State Department Office (Office) processing. "Bulletin" requirements, municipalities and provincial departments will handle Internet message contact list submitted to the provincial government office.相关的主题文章: