Poland cancel the purchase order number of the 50 helicopters in France does not share the responsib 音羽かなで

Poland cancel the purchase order number of the 50 helicopters in France does not share the responsibility of EU data figure: Poland intended to buy "caracal helicopters" original title: Poland cancel arms contracts lead to a diplomatic crisis’s delayed visit wave in October 8, according to foreign media reported on 8, Poland canceled the order of 50 aircraft "with" helicopter contract that lead to a diplomatic crisis between Warsaw and Paris. French President Hollande has decided to postpone a 13 day visit to Poland. For the same reason, the French defense minister, with a significant relationship with the arms contract, also canceled plans to visit Warsaw. French Foreign Minister Pietro also before the cancellation announcement will plan to visit Poland. French President Hollande issued a warning to the EU member states only to buy U.S. arms, calling on all EU countries to participate in the EU’s overall defense efforts. Poland’s Defense Ministry confirmed by Airbus group letter, cancel the Airbus group in 2015 through bidding acquisition was made in Poland 50 "with" helicopter contract. Paris valuation of 2 billion 400 million euros, Warsaw valued at $3 billion 100 million. French diplomatic sources said that Poland will cancel the contract will make the relationship between the two countries severely damaged, the French will be a comprehensive study of military cooperation with Poland. Sources from the same source said that France’s eleven percent stake in Airbus group, France will oversee the Airbus group’s next investment plan in Poland. Airbus group currently has space, helicopters and fighter research center in Poland, 900 poles in the center. Poland’s foreign minister tried to downplay the tension, he stressed the important characteristics of "strategic relationships with the wave in a statement". He said that Warsaw is convinced that the cancellation of the contract does not affect the overall cooperation and bilateral relations between France and Poland. Poland to buy Airbus 50 helicopter contract was signed by the former government. After the conservative government came to power in November 2015, Poland immediately challenged the previous government’s contract. A French diplomat said it now appears that Poland does not intend to accept the contract. EU diplomats regret to say that the idea of Poland is that both the benefits of EU construction, but in terms of defense, and the United States to establish a separate relationship. In the face of the Russian threat to Eastern Europe, France has deployed military aircraft and tanks in Poland, now will reconsider defense cooperation with Poland". The French government is angry and worried, in order to strengthen the expansion of the Eastern European countries Russia ties, after the Russian annexation of Crimea, France canceled the sale of two northwest wind helicopter carrier to Russia’s huge military contract.相关的主题文章: