Samsung S8 confirmed that the provision of AI services will support more devices – Sohu digital 捷安特xtc750

Samsung S8 that provides AI services will support more equipment – digital mobile phone Chinese Sohu [news] recently, there are rumors that the iPhone 8 and Samsung S8 joined AI (Artificial Intelligence) service, and with the two major international manufacturers to promote the future of AI (Artificial Intelligence) services will undoubtedly become a new direction for the development of mobile phone function. About Samsung S8 support AI services this thing, and now Reuters has brought new news. Samsung S8 support AI services allegedly, after the acquisition of Samsung Electronics Intelligent Company Viv, the co-founder of the company is also the founder of apple Siri. In addition, the recent exposure of the trademark registration information also shows that Samsung will be set up for the Galaxy S8 artificial intelligence assistant Bixby, which allows Samsung S8 support artificial intelligence services increasingly true rumors. Samsung did not disclose what features will be provided by the Galaxy S8 AI services will be provided, but it is said that the service will come with Samsung S8 early next year. It is also said that Samsung S8’s artificial intelligence assistant will open for developers, you can always integrate new features and third party services. Samsung executives revealed that the future of artificial intelligence services will support more Samsung devices, users can easily control the Samsung’s other electronic devices through the built-in artificial intelligence assistant.相关的主题文章: