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Samsung completely cry blind ATT announced never sell Note7 burning, explosion, I do not stop! Samsung Note7 suffered ten thousand points this time, the United States, the second largest mobile operator ATT does not accompany Samsung to play. Today, ATT officially issued a statement, based on recent reports, no longer on the Samsung Note7 for new, no longer sell Samsung Note7. In a statement, Samsung Note7 ATT was officially banned. As for the handheld version of the Samsung Note7 users now, you can choose to ATT in exchange for other mobile phones Samsung or other brands of goods on the phone ATT. Apple’s headquarters in the United States market was so hard hit, saying that Samsung is not too blind to cry, good to catch up with iPhone 7? However, this strange Samsung does not live up to expectations, who let Note7 explosion endless, even for the new Note7 also traced the explosion. Boom7, worthy of the name. This is not the case, Samsung Note7 has also recently occurred in Taiwan, the first explosion, almost on the butt of the flower, and I hope to have been declared safe Note7 can go well!相关的主题文章: