Fu Xingyu need to use starch as a soybean meal industry naughty怎么读

Fu Xingyu: need to use starch as a soybean meal industry operating Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Speaker: market Cargill starch and starch sugar Chinese Analysis Division Manager Fu Xingyu Sina Financial News News September 13th, sponsored by the Dalian Mercantile Exchange, "the ninth Chinese corn industry conference held in Dalian in September 13th. The theme of the conference is "the development opportunities in the market oriented reform of the pro market policy", which will focus on the risk management and development opportunities of the industry in the market-oriented reform of the oil market. Sina futures full live this conference. Temporary storage market Cargill starch and starch sugar China Analysis Division Manager Fu Xingyu said in recent years the northeast, is actually equivalent to deprive the Northeast enterprise resource advantages, logistics in the Northeast in the lead, as can be imagined deep processing industry decline is inevitable. In recent years the corn industry in the north from south area, because the north of the enterprise, have lost its survival, is bound to withdraw from the competition. Later, the profit situation of the starch industry may also continue this trend, when the high profits, due to the release of production capacity, oversupply, low profit to a certain extent, the industry for less than. On the one hand to study maize starch, to understand the change of inventory changes and the price of the hand. Like soybean meal and soybean futures, we must take this industry as the previous soybean starch to do, this is the need to put on the agenda, not simply involved, but also to participate in depth. The following is the speech of Fu Xingyu: Thank you, thank the general assembly for giving me this opportunity to have this platform to do face-to-face exchanges with all of you, we have known the starch industry, and the varieties listed more than five years, after so many years we also have some understanding, or have some deep research. So today to take this opportunity to communicate with you about this, I began today’s theme report. First of all, what is the position of starch in the corn deep processing industry chain. From this table, this is the China corn deep processing industry chain about the number of processing, can be seen as Chinese starch deep processing of corn industry, it is the head of a program, no matter what the product, the first procedure is the separation of starch. China’s corn deep processing industry, the overall processing capacity of corn, now about 90 million tons. The actual processing capacity of 60 million tons, the annual output of goods here in about 11 million tons of starch, that is to say we have the goods of starch, these attributes, first it is the bulk of raw materials, and it is the primary processed products of agricultural products, also have the properties of agricultural products. It belongs to the processing field in a first program, so that they have the nature of industrial products, this is some of the basic properties of the starch, and then look at this, this is the China corn deep processing of unprecedented development stage. We compare it with the United States, the United States is relatively mature stage, you can see the United States corn processing structure相关的主题文章: