Close to the cottage Apple in China to apply for dual sim dual standby –it– people’s network 纪元1701

Close to the cottage? Apple in China to apply for dual card dual standby –IT– people’s original title: to move closer to the cottage? Apple patent application Dual SIM card Beijing on October 9, 2016 news in China recently, Apple has been in the domestic application of dual card dual standby patents, perhaps this is the apple in the future models added dual card dual standby function may. Apple in mobile phone dual card dual standby function method has been used to ridicule many hand piece copycat machine tested, but the future of this piece may not work. Close to the cottage? Apple patent application Dual SIM card in China (from kkj) two patent application for the apple SIM dual network selection and technique for reducing power consumption of double SIM equipment, the patent number is respectively 2016101166075 and 2016100813788. These two patents are submitted at the beginning of this year, is still in the state of waiting for the trial proposal. From the point of view of Apple’s preparation, after the submission of patents means that apple is likely to add dual sim dual standby feature on the new smart phone. Perhaps, we will be able to use this feature on iPhone 8. Earlier news, iPhone 8 will bring huge changes. IPhone 8 will use OLED hyperboloid screen, equipped with all glass panels. The current iPhone 7 Home key is not pressed, and iPhone would directly cut the Home key fingerprint recognition system will become virtual buttons on the screen. IPhone 8 will also enhance tactile response speed, use wireless charging and improve camera performance. According to earlier analysts predict, iPhone 8 other sensing components will hide behind the screen, and may have facial recognition or iris recognition and other functions. Moreover, apple is also possible to remove the SIM card slot on the iPhone 8, because the SIM card slot is actually larger than the 3.5mm headset interface. (Yi Xiao, commissioning editor Shen Guangqian)相关的主题文章: