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Guo Guangchang Liu Yonghao also began Xiamen overseas investment by the reporter Zhao Jing, editor of Fosun Group, Sany, millet new hope, are big acquisitions abroad "". Why do they want to invest abroad? Overseas investment and how to ensure success? 8, in the nineteenth session held in Xiamen China International Fair for investment and trade forum, Fosun Group Chairman Guo Guangchang, Sany President Xiang Wenbo and the new hope group chairman Liu Yonghao, for entrepreneurs, officials at the meeting: a lesson about the internationalization of Chinese enterprises and overseas investment. "Sea" is at that time, China should go out must go out, go out to be able to integrate into the world, and to show on the world economic stage." Liu Yonghao told everyone, not because of too much money to buy buy buy, but through acquisitions and cooperation, participate in international competition, the international technology and rules of use. China’s so-called globalization, previously passive, more people come, and now is the reverse globalization." Guo Guangchang said that now, Chinese companies have the strength to use global resources, and this is China’s economy to the present stage is very natural thing. "Investment in the way, so that more Chinese enterprises and China’s economy into the world, to find a better position in the world, this is the fundamental." A set of data shows that, as the world’s third largest foreign investment in the first half of 2016, China’s foreign direct investment in non-financial growth of up to 58.7%, and hit a record high of $88 billion 860 million. Among them, cross-border mergers and acquisitions have also hit a peak, the implementation of Chinese enterprises not less than $1 billion M & A transactions reached 17. The wisdom of going out this year, Chinese enterprises in overseas mergers and acquisitions, the transaction was canceled halfway up to 15, the total transaction size of $24 billion, more than last year’s $22 billion scale. A report from the Boston consulting firm, Chinese enterprises cross-border mergers and acquisitions completed so far only 67%. "Not long ago, Australia did not approve a number of investment projects in china. Arguably, we take the money to invest, local taxes, to help solve the employment, is beneficial to the local. However, it is not approved." Liu Yonghao believes that China must not be able to simply invest in the past. Can not be in accordance with the inertia of China to invest in thinking, we must understand the local trade union, market structure, environmental protection, etc., to learn the basic rules of the international community." "There will always be examples of success or failure, which is also the necessity of business." In Guo Guangchang’s view, where to comply with the rules, in fact, not so complicated. In fact, the difference is not so big, in general, in accordance with the rules of the other party is to do the basic preparation, if this is not prepared, it is best to stay at home." Although there are a lot of common language and common rules, but it is not so simple, the only choice is inclusive." In the Bo opinion, for example to a German enterprise into a China enterprise is crazy. Overseas investment Fosun Group, three logic相关的主题文章: