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Suzhou Wang Yan, gates of heaven – warm springs tourism Sohu people often say: there is paradise there are suzhou. If you go to the world of "paradise" Suzhou City, not to the gates of heaven a hot springs, can only be said to be a return to white. Suzhou actually has a hot spring, it is estimated that many people have not heard of. Yes, in my impression, only similar to the concentration of volcanic areas will have geothermal hot springs, but when I really came to the east of Taihu, Suzhou Wang Yan, did see in the south of the Yangtze River water is extremely rare geothermal hot springs. The count went to Suzhou once in early spring this year, Wang Yan, to this autumn, it is my second time to embark on this magical land of the king of flame. Perhaps Wang Yan "anger" very busy, before and after the two arrived, is a rainy day, but the first is the spring rain, this time is the rainy. East Taihu. Taihu, that is one of the four largest freshwater lake Chinese, its neighboring three city encircled, namely Jiangsu, Wuxi, Suzhou, Zhejiang, Huzhou, the water area in Suzhou under the jurisdiction of Taihu is the largest. In eastern Taihu, as the name suggests is the eastern tip of Taihu, here was originally Suzhou County of Wujiang, has become Suzhou county area, Wujiang district. Wang Yan, originally a small fishing village is famous on the edge of Taihu, it is located in Suzhou Wujiang district is located in the northwest of the town of Song Ling, the east of Taihu, 203 provincial highway through the village and. As early as the beginning of this century, in Wujiang, Chinese Academy of Sciences, geothermal experts Wang Ji’s active advocacy, Wujiang began the exploration of geothermal resources. At the time of the drilling team, in the eyes of the king Yancun drilling deep well, hitting the ground more than 2000 meters, has succeeded in finding the geothermal hot springs. The water level of the two deep wells reached more than and 800 tons, the water temperature of more than 45 degrees. Are usually the same as the body temperature of groundwater, can be directly used for bathing, even in the cold winter, the water temperature to meet 39 degrees, people can comfortably wash a hot bath. Relying on the eyes of native hot springs, according to a five star hotel standard build Spa Resort — Wang Yan Spa Resort, was unveiled in January of this year, at the same time to start a business and design according to five star hotel standards decoration of the East Taihu Hotel, this is the first in Wujiang area. Wang Yan entered the hot spring, first to taste Wujiang out of the "three tea", it is said that this is the Wujiang area unique folk customs, only in the farm of the day, or entertain important guests will offer three tea "". This "three tea" for pan fried rice tea, dried bean tea and Suzhou Spring Snail Green Tea, in fact, "three tea" in the top two is not the real tea, it is the local people a dessert and salty, the purpose is to let the guests up hungry, not fasting to a spa. Drink "three tea", it is necessary to change the dressing gown, into the huge hot springs pool. The whole Wang Yan spa, pool size 40, respectively, oil springs, warm springs, ginger Shiquan, Qi Fuquan, rose springs, springs and other cloud appreciation, there are all kinds of steam sauna, SPA, Lake viewing platform, first entered the people, often confused by the dazzling hot spring, so that to find out 2相关的主题文章: