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This dumbbell exercise can make you sexy double! Lead: recommend a dumbbell exercise, fitness, make you sexy double! (source: ETUDE fashion network) what are the benefits of fitness? Look at the photos have hematic! Why are more and more girls in the gym? Because fitness not only allows you to have a hot body, the main thing is that this body is not easy to fear. Because of their relatively high proportion of muscle, the consumption of energy is more, even if not exercise, sitting lying more energy than you consume. Does it make you a muscle girl? Don’t be silly, you can’t do it. Fat girls itself more than men, for you, will only make you iron bench press shaping, tight muscles. You look at the gym out of the network of red goddess, who is King Kong Bobbi? Most of the body is like a hot! Do you have to go to the gym? Can also reduce fat at home, in the fat in the body shape curve. All you need is a pair of dumbbell! So play dumbbells, you can also become hot! Each exercise 8-12 times, each time 1 minutes, the practice of the 3 groups, each week to practice 3-4 times, body fat weight is too high, but also add some aerobic exercise. Adhere to the effect ah! Don’t have no body can be continued to practise perfectly!相关的主题文章: