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A small taste of great wisdom old driver to teach you to see the car general warm male car Sohu often refers to the scent of a woman, a woman’s temperament, accomplishment, personality or mood can be identified from one or two of her perfume. In the same way, in the car more and more into people’s lives of the times, for the natural strong mechanistic plot of the men, their car becomes an excellent tool for men reflects the values of life and personal temperament. A man drove what kind of car is not only a reflection of his material life time or not, is actually into his spiritual world is an important key. Blue collar, special warm male temperament travel car see the hidden man of knowledge interpretation of life with the most common password car, although now on the market "sports car" I think can emerge in an endless stream, from a consumer perspective, the core function of car car is not within the core change: the overall level of fine the rigorous style of comfort, especially in the back of the ultimate pursuit of comfort still showed business gene inside, the core connotation of the pursuit of success and status in the fundamental and the heritage of the Millennium chair does not have what change, like men’s suits, although rigorous decent, delicacy, but it is the lack of a little taste. The current popular SUV is another extreme, hide wild people long-term difficulties in urban life, to return to the liberation of personality of one of the most direct call. The loading pull goods for two "MPV, is really a big carnival is out and out of the pragmatist. Mercedes Benz C class car travel, looks good but amazing prices from men in life especially the role in the family, too strict is somewhat dull and boring, too unruly seems somewhat insensitive to others, nothing is an ideal boyfriend, husband or father most attractive the quality of. This author has also been quite tangled, not long ago, FAW Volkswagen released a new C-TREK blue collar crossover wagon, seems to let me see the current return so scarce a warm man. Large space, function and flexible development, give up in the workplace and rigorous bound, nor pure personal heroism wild release, and more relaxed time, get together with family and friends, seems to have a boyfriend, as a husband and father of the shadow of the ideal. With ease is not far away from the models of official data, C-TREK blue collar is the biggest characteristic of large body space. As a platform for a cross class travel car, Wei collar body and wheelbase is longer, the size of the trunk is a substantial increase, showing the fundamental characteristics as a wagon. Compared with city multifunctional hatchback golf · Scarlett trip, through better and significantly longer body, the family time becomes less cramped, more comfortable. BMW new 3 Series wagon, performance and price of a high degree of Wei Wei of this product features, the calibration of the unique properties of the car, in simple terms,.相关的主题文章: