How to make good use of the parent group of WeChat beef怎么读�

How to use the WeChat group – parents Beijing, parents should reject the following types – type teacher – please refresh a speaker, immediately responded: you work hard, take care of the body. The teacher assigned homework, published news, can be seen, do not need to reply. In order to prevent unnecessary Shuabing, "received" should have no reply. – you say I told one, you say you’re not good I also stepped up, dozens of people a message reply to the same content, soon an important message would be drowned. – after 10 pm in the parents group message. Try not to talk too late in the group in the evening, so as not to affect the rest of others, there are important things you can contact directly with the teacher. Show show show – type – children’s performance. This behavior is actually in the hearts of those who hurt the poor performance of children and parents. The sun all travel photos. Similar to this private photos, drying in the circle of friends can be, and the class group will only cause resentment. From time to time – the child received a small sticker, homework, write the words Gonggongzhengzheng, proudly please praise, in the hope that the teacher give attention. Even if the parents are not around the sun, the excellent edge of a child is to hide the. "Wit" low-key "talented woman" is the most admirable, also most favorite teacher. – excessive attention – type daily kept asking the situation of children in the group, for fear of children in the school situation. Parents do not believe that children, children and how to establish self-confidence? How can you grow up? – a child, three generation of people to join the class group. This is how children grow up! The more parents, children will grow tired. In the release of irrelevant information type – set praise, voting, selling things…… All sent into the class group. You do not want others to point to your child, said: is his mother, often in the class to sell information? So, please give your child some face! – group children quarrel happen a little dispute in the school, parents eager child care, war in the group. You are so impulsive, and how to teach children not to quarrel, do not fight, calmly treat everything? Keep in mind that your actions are subtly shaping the character of the child. The best teacher do the following – not in the group criticized the students, the publication of the results, rankings and other information, this will hurt the child’s self-esteem, also let parents feel uncomfortable. If released photos of students, make all parents can see their children’s photos appear in the class group. It should be as much as possible to find their advantages. – not forwarding without textual information, parents do not cause unnecessary worry. If individual students have problems can separate communication with parents, common problems can communicate with the parents in the group. – try in every notice with "no reply" a few words or similar words, to avoid a lot of unnecessary information. – do group guide, for some.相关的主题文章: