37 legend br Chi Chung Lam show opens tomorrow to see live grab one hundred thousand red envelopes innawoods

37 "legend br" Chi Chung Lam show opens tomorrow to watch the live Red Legend rob one hundred thousand area of Ministry of education, professional gaming supplement dominance, professional code 670411 "E-sports and management" on the open and aboveboard classroom, not only in class play games become serious things, how not to miss beheaded such courses may also appear, perhaps because play the game well, parents become the envy of "other people’s children". The influence of expanding step by step, the game also escaped marginalized fate, not only the number of game enthusiasts are packed into a star, even many celebrities children love games go down, and the fans fight in the game to address each other as brothers. Chi Chung Lam live debut poster 37 "legend br" phenomenon is the phenomenon of tomorrow (September 9th) at 19:30 in the afternoon, Webpage Game male god Chi Chung Lam will come to the 37 game, opening a live debut with vigour and vitality, to live their own "Maiden" to 37 "legend". By then, Chi Chung Lam will be in the live experience 37 "legend" Purgatory br "magic city" a knife up 88 seconds of the new version, and racing to kill BOSS and host PK, the scene involved in the "play the game to send WeChat red activities. "Legend." play the game to send red envelopes and WeChat expect the highest possible participation of the bursting of the game player to the number of "night beach city" UPS, 37 "legend br" "old driver will see a different from the usual red and blue camp PK, yueheifenggao, the fight is not a sound. A little mysterious? In addition, a series of variety programs such as: funny, Game Quiz, red net zero food taste, of course, red delivery and fan interaction. "The legend of BR" night beach city activities "legend br" night beach city map 37 "legend". Since the operation has many mature game, both the system perfect, offseason months of universal online: have a large team, the atmosphere Madden anniversary site hegemony, but this time, not only please. Webpage Game male god Chi Chung Lam and Oprah expansion anchor game is to open up a fresh outlook, the current hot broadcast form and game player. One side is the passion and fun PK athletics, while the page is a tour of God’s humor and charm, can be described as full of vitality, full of expectations! "Legend" is the 37 game. Aurora network of independent research and development, and get the grand theme of legend of genuine licensed ARPG web games. Legendary classic game set, and strive to bring the player’s legendary experience. The game’s characters, monsters are made of high quality model of the new design of the action is more natural, delicate and vivid image; fine grand game scene, the sound clear, create a good atmosphere of the game, into the very sense; magnificent skills and excellent operation feeling with the ultimate fighting experience, Daguai PK more readily. Find the old brother, and blood in charge, "legend"! Remember to pay attention to the "legend 37 br", pay attention to the official website: Live trends, September 9th, Chi Chung Lam fly with you oh! Play the heart to create the world! 37 of the game’s official website: Sina statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more transfer.相关的主题文章: