18 countries more than 40 overseas media focus Guangxi Belt and Road Initiative construction of new diamondprox

18 countries more than 40 overseas media focus Guangxi Belt and Road Initiative "construction of new achievements in the new network – for overseas media reporters. Hu Yan photo Beijing, September 16 Nanning Xinhua (reporter Yang Qiang Feng Shumin) 2016 "cultural Chinese? Overseas media focused on Guangxi" 16 in Nanning, more than and 40 overseas media from 18 countries of the Guangxi "lovely", focusing on Guangxi "The Belt and Road construction of new achievements. The same day, Qin Chuncheng, director of the overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region to overseas media representatives, "Phnom Penh Kampuchea Evening News" editor in chief Li Yi flag start the event, and to encourage the more than and 40 major overseas media representatives through field interviews, their personal feelings and unique observations, the China ASEAN exchanges and cooperation in the frontier, "The Belt and Road" construction of the organic combination of important the portal of Guangxi reform, development and change of transfer to the world, let the overseas community more comprehensive and accurate understanding of Guangxi. By Chinese news agency in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region overseas Chinese Affairs Office jointly organized by Chinese news agency Guangxi branch and Guangxi related to the city’s "cultural China? Overseas media focus Guangxi" activities, so far has been successfully held 5 sessions. This is in addition to China – ASEAN Expo, an annual visit to Guangxi, the largest overseas media coverage of a foreign event. The organizers by organizations around the world are widely distributed, has a certain representative and influential overseas media to visit Guangxi, Guangxi, found on Guangxi, and according to the characteristics of the overseas audience of different collective voice, with rare strength and heat, the common good "Guangxi story", good sound propagation in Guangxi, attracted wide attention at home and abroad society. In 2016 the "cultural China? Overseas media focus Guangxi" activities, there are from the United States, Japan, Canada, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Venezuela, France, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Russia, Kampuchea, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Laos, Burma and other 18 countries, Hongkong and Taiwan regions of more than and 40 representatives of the media to participate, covering the newspapers, television, radio, Internet and other new media all media platform. The mainstream media including the Thailand Mahtem news network, Thailand radio station MCOT, Kampuchea’s state television, Kampuchea Bayon TV station, Lao San pathet Lao national television, Philippines, Manila, Philippines, the Manila Times reported the standard Philippines star and other ASEAN countries. Qin Chuncheng the same day at the launch ceremony, Guangxi is a multi-ethnic inhabited autonomous regions, the number of ethnic minorities ranked first in the country. Guangxi, with its unique geographical advantages, is not only an important gateway and window for China and ASEAN to open, but also an important channel for connecting Guangdong, Hongkong and Macao. In addition, Guangxi is one of the China famous hometown of overseas Chinese, the existing about 7000000 overseas overseas Chinese Guangxi Province, located in 92 countries and regions in five continents of the world. Qin Chun said, 2010, in support of the overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council Chinese, Guangxi held annually "Chamber of Commerce of Guangxi" and "overseas Chinese together Chinese – ASEAN Expo" activities, attracted a total of 7 years)相关的主题文章: